Last day of the year.................


As new year's approaching, I could not stop to think what are my new resolutions..Do you actually make your new resolutions every year??..For, me..Actually..emm..Ya, it might sound funny, that someone like me, have resolutions for the year ahead..I usually don't have a serious resolutions for the new year..Simply because, I find them so difficult to keep..Really hard..But, as we get closer to 2008..I've been thinking about them, as they relate to self improvement and career advancement..Wow..Sounds so serious..We'll see..hehehe...

Here are some resolutions that should be easy to keep and that they will go a long way towards ensuring a successful year...

1. Get a new job
I really need, infact I'm desperately indeed in need of new job..It's not that I'm not happy with what I'm currently doing, but..I realized, I need to earn extra, I mean, a little bit more than what I am getting now..Since I have more responsibilities now..Yeah..I've been sending my resumes to few places..I hope, I would get a positive feedback..

2. Cut down the Booze and Cigge...
Aha...This is is for real..(duhh)..Yeah, at least I have the intention..2007 has seen me in my most horrible state..Those crazy night out drinking seemed to be more than frequent..That is crazy..Sure, I could lose few kilos..(hehehe)..but I'm not giving up the booze just yet..Arggggggggggghh..Ok..we'll see about this also..alright..!!! okay, wipe that smirk out of your face!!!

3. Spend Quality time with my Puppies..(yeah, they are no longer puppies anymore)
If you don't already know, I have 3 puppies...They are three spoil canines..but, I don't think that they are happy..because, they are in-house most of the time, and don't get much attention from me, since I would be working from 9am - 5pm, and be out looking for booZe from 8pm - 12am..(haha..actually, not that bad la)..and also, I'll make sure, they would get proper training from the professional..emm..that would be me..hehehe

Alright...that's all I think..( actually, the list goes a long way, but, I would not mention them for fear, I would be condemn by you...Judgemental!!!!!!!...So, what are yours??..I would like to know...

Before I sign off on this last day of 2007..I would like to apologize to many people whom I have hurt so deeply (yet so sweetly..hehehe), for all the words that might have hurt you, and my demeaning acts..and words of insults that I wish I have never said..I do apologize from the bottom of my most sincere heart..(Ughuhuhu)..(ok, I'm holding my tears...kidding)..To those who have marked significant memories and all the friends who have been always there when I was dropping down and puking shits..I would like to express my sincere profound thanks for being such good friends..

With that...I want to wish you a happy new year..and do have a blastful NEw Year CeleBration Yaa...


Been a bit lazy lately, I mean, lazy updating my's holidays, shouldn't be doing anything, right..?hehehe..Nay', I've been wanting to write a line or two here, but, I'm just out of idea..Well, there are actually lots to share with you guys, but, I'm still so much in the mood of 'holidaying'..So, might start updating everyday 'again' by next year..

Ughh..tomorrow I have to work..I need to get everythings done before the new semester starts on the 3rd..Arghh..I hate new semester..

Well, I hope you'll have a happy new year celebration this year..

HAPPY NEW YEAR..............

Christmas..yup Christmas it is, people's favorite holiday. When else do we have a reason to take time off from all the hectic work environment..give and receive gifts, eat as much food as possible, and spend time with our families and friends for a few days or weeks? After all, isn’t what this holiday is all about? In addition to all of these great things, many people go to church around Christmas thinking that attending church on their savior's birthday makes up for all the wrong and absences throughout the rest of the year, and will help them avoid a lengthy visit to Hell..(Oppss..I wasn't being sacarstic..In fact, I am going to church on Christmas Eve..hehehe)I'm not a constant church goer, but..I still have the intention to be a good christian..

I went home to my parents earlier, means, I won't be going home on Christmas..Not a big deal anyway, since my family don't celebrate Christmas anyway..So, being away from home on Christmas is a norm..The last 3 days, my friends and I really have a blastful christmas shoppings..I bought few things for my own and for my niece and nephew..and now, i'm running out of cash..haha..doesn't really matter..I haven't done anything like this for christmas in my entire life..I guess this is OK.. the spirit of the season - I will forgive and forget.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and best wishes - whatever your beliefs. Have a happy and safe time with your friends and families...Enjoy..

.......Joy to the world.....

I'm counting days..yep, soon, very soon its gonna be christmas..but, emm..I'm not looking forward for New Year I think, there are lots of things that I have not achieve yet, and I'm starting to make new resolutions..Yeah..It a norm..As new year is approaching, people will start making new resolutions, without ever thinking, last year's or this year's resolutions are not even met yet..What the heck???...If making new resolutions make you feel better, why not..List em down, and be happy about it..The questions whether they are going to be achieved or not, doesn't really matter..Hehehe..

My brother is getting enggaged on the first day of new year..Since he has just started working with a new company, he was not granted any day off yet..He has only 2 days off..The problem is, he wants me to 'replace' him..WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT???? this is absolutely crazy and beyond imaginations..What does he meant by 'replacing me'..?? Oo..I think he's out of him mind..there's no way I will ever say yes to that stupid idea..My mom said, its ok, you're just gonna be there, and we'll pretend as if Zale (my brother) is there..Yeah..Whatever it is, it's totally unacceptable, more ever, I have my plans for new year, I don't wanna be somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Sarawak to celebreate my new year..So, folks...That's a big NO NO from me..Pay me thousand..I won't..Pay me 50K..emmm..I'll consider...hehehe.. But, its not going to be a real engagement between US..Okay...

Well, emm..just forget it..I wanna make myself feel good..emm..I did some shopping for christmas and new year yesterday and today..Didn't I told you already, this is gonna be my first christmas..I mean, this is going to be my first time celebrating Christmas..So, I did what they use to do..Buy presents..except. all are for me..Hahaha..Or maybe, for my niece and nephew laa..hehehe

Merry Christmas everyone..Be safe, Be Good, and Be Happy always...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

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Liuli Jewelry

Christmas is coming very soon, and people all around the world..emm..I'm pretty sure, they are all getting ready with all the presents and gifts to be given out on christmas..Well, at least we know..Santa Claus is definitely not coming to town, infact he has never give us presents..I grew up with that belief that Santa Claus is that fat charming old man in red, with his reindeer..who will come during christmas eve to give presents to all the children all around the world..Since, he's not coming, he has never did..We have to buy those presents ourselves..

To all of you out there who are up to jewelry, please be informed that Liuli Jewelry, a very popular Asian jewelry line is now going international, giving you the opportunities to shop for various gifts to impress your love ones..and the best thing is, you can buy them online.. is an online shop featuring gifts from far-flung destinations such as Bali, Vietnam, India, Tibet and more. We are now focusing on offering Liuli Gongfang jewelry, which consists of a 2000-year old Chinese artform of glassmaking. These jewelries take shape of traditional themes such as animals, flowers and Chinese characters - each is symbolic in nature and tells a special story.

Liuli Glass Jewelry

All you have to do is go and check their website..and you can start searching for the best jewelry that suits your desires, or your love ones'..

Sign Up For PPP now.......

blog network

I've just signed up for PPP..and It has been approved..Thank you guys for approving it..It has been my passion to write, and taking this opportunity, I could gain something out of writing entries in my blog..Well, since I'm a new member of this PPP thingy..I'm yet to discover all the wonderful offers it has for me..and my dear friends..I hope, you will take this chance to gain something rather than to post something just like that..Its not difficult to register..all you have to do is read the instruction and follow it..

I've heard about PPP blog network since long ago, but I don't give it a thought..I think, things like this doesn't work and its only a waste of time, but recently, I met a friend who told me that he pays his monthly car loan by using the money he earns from PPP..I was like...WHAT??? Couldn't be serious..So I asked him more about this, but I didn't actually tell him that I will signup, yeah..I was being sceptical, remember..So, when I was finally home, I checked on the PPP and I think I should give it a try...

Signing up is very easy, it doesn't take long, after you have completed your application, all you have to do is wait for the approval..then, you can start blogging and being's really that simple...So guys..This is something really cool, if you don't take this opportunity, then you'll never understand the beauty of blogging..hehehe

Sign Up for PPP now..

An Advance Christmas Greetings......

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Few more days to go, 8 days to be exact and its gonna be Christmas..and I've been singing.."rudolph the red nose reindeer" over and over again..Duh..I don't know why..among all the Christmas songs, this one got stuck in my head.."had a very shiny nose"..(there I go again)..and I'm so excited, really I am..and I think its weird, because I have never felt like this for Christmas before..

To be honest, I have never celebrated Christmas before..and when I said never, means..not even once in my whole life..If you say going to the Church on Christmas Eve is a way of celebrating Christmas, I have never done that either..Pathetic?? No..I was taught and raised in such a belief that I don't feel like I'm missing anything..When I was but a small boy, my friends told me that they will receive gifts from their parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents on Christmas day, and they were all so excited and couldn't hardly wait for Christmas..but me, I don't feel anything, Christmas is something to look foward because its school's holidays..and my parents always have something extraordinary for dinner, we give thanks..and that's it..

So..everybody, lets celebrate Christmas together...

Wish you all a Merry Christmas...Have fun ya..

emmm...don't fail my test...

Ko buat pun ok, ko nda buat pun ok..teda masalah..

Create your own Friend Test here


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The story is all too familiar. You’re on your way to your workplace in the morning, when suddenly you find yourself stuck in traffic. It’s not a typical “rush hour” time of day and normally traffic does not get backed up like this..especially during these holiday season.. You figure there must be an accident or some type of serious incident up ahead just out of sight.

You slowly creep your way forward, bumper to bumper, continually looking for the flashing lights of ambulances and police cars, because you really think that there must be an accident.. Then, all of a sudden, traffic begins to move normally again. There is no sign of an accident, incident, or any other cause of the slowdown in traffic. What happened?...Damn..I really hate it..

Working in the city..(Well KK is a city..) I’ve learned that traffic, and lots of it, is to be expected. Especially on the freeways. And truly, that’s the one thing I hate the most about living in a city area – bumper to bumper traffic. Being late for work in the morning is one thing, and I swear, even if the traffic is moving, the stress of driving around town and sharing the road with lots and lots of other vehicles is wearing me down..I would rather stay home than be driving around town during the weekends..

Ughhh..I don't think the traffic would get any better, at least not in the near future..But I really hope, once the construction of the fly over is done, and all the projects of widening the road is completed, we could be at ease while driving..To all those JKR workers and authorities, please laa..Jan kamurang kasi lambat2 buat keja..makan gaji buta ja kamu kan..Makin lama kamu kasi delay tu project, makin banyak besi kamu ilang, org curi tuk dorang jual jadi besi buruk..kio..Sekian la tuk ni ari..
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...I'm a teacher...

I have never thought, or even imagine that I would someday be a teacher or a lecturer..all I can remember saying was, I wanna be a doctor, I wanna be a policeman, or fireman..but, not a teacher...and, I did say, I wanna be a garbage collector..hah!!that was in jester..Well, my long time ambition of being those mentioned above has long gone..I could never be..At least, in my own capacity now..I am not going to be a doctor, not a policeman, not a fireman..but...maybe, someday be a garbage collector..hehehe..kidding..

A year ago, I was a new lecturer in Asian Tourism Institution. A 26 years old lecturer without any professional teaching experience. Of course I was freaking nervous, and I could swear, I almost fainted as I was walking to the class room for my first class..I managed to say my first greeting of 'hi', even though it sounded more like a whisper..I wanted to bring new experience to the classroom with whatever knowledge I have about the industry..Well, I was nervous, terrified but i was enthusiastic..

The second and third semester were easier. Less terrifying because I knew what to expect. I knew ATI's policies, grading procedures, discipline patterns, hallways, and staff. I knew a lot of students, and knew a lot about our student demographics. I'm being more confident and more enthusiastic..Now I understand, a teacher does not only teach, but he needs to make the students understand, and sometimes, I think..that is one of the most challenging part being an educator..They might say, "Yes sir, I understand.."..that means..'stop asking me any question'..well, that's easy to tell..and I am becoming better in analyzing their facial expressions or the tone in their voice..

As an educator of college students, I believe that they have the capacity to learn useful information from their texts, their teachers and most importantly their peers. Students generate this knowledge through exploration and it is my responsibility as a teacher to foster this exploration..Even though, since last semester the students are expected to be more resourceful, as the Management requires them to find the own notes, or get it from any other sources..we, as tghe lecturers, we only provide them with very minimum handouts..I think, its not a good idea though, that's why..My students have their notes sent to their email addresses..

In my classroom, every student has the right to learn, the right to be heard and the right to make mistakes. It is my responsibility to guide them through their exploration leading them in the right direction..I might not be the best role model, but, I'm sure, my students will listen to me..and it has been proven..I might not be an educator for the rest of my life, long as I am a teacher, I will carry out my duty with responsibility..

Teaching affords me constant opportunities to impact the lives of others. It is my personal responsibility as a teacher to provide students with the most positive learning experience possible. Everyone has his/her individual needs, they deserve the opportunity to succeed.


Things I need to be thankful about...

...for the exam papers and assignments that I need to mark, because it means that I am employed...

...for the pile of laundry and the ironing, because it means I have clothes to wear...

...for the clothes that fit a little too snug, because it means, I have enough to eat..,(a lil' bit too much maybe...hehehe)

...for the barking puppies inside my house, because it means I am well protected from burglars...

...for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning, floors that need sweeping and gutters that need fixing, because it means I have a home...

...for the lady who sings off key in the Karaoke place, because it means I can hear and not tone deaf...

...for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day, because it means I have been capable of working hard...

but..most of all, I wanna be thankful...
for the alarm that goes off in the early morning hours, because it means that I am alive...

it's my life...

today like the days before was quite's the exam week, and I was not invigilating today..I just got my schedule for next semester, and there are two new subjects for me to teach..I hate being given new subjects, because, I have to re-develop them myself..Luckily the boss wannabe was not in today, so I can pretty much relax and do my work without having to hear her irritating mumbles..

I realize, lately I've been really moody in the office, and I don't have the motivation to work anymore..I'm not sure why?? Owh yess, I know what exactly bothering me, apart from the usual gossipings of which I was used to and couldn't be bothered much..there's something which is more personal that I, sometimes can't handle..

I used to be very nice to everyone, but I guess that was just foolish..From now on, I will speak up my mind..I'm not trying to be a hard headed bastard anyway, I just want people to look at me, coz I do know being honest and straightfoward is the only best excuse, eventhough, it sometimes hurts all the time..But, then again, it is never good to use your honesty for you to get yourself away from a situation that you have been deeply involved in..Ughh..I'm getting confuse myself..yeah..what do I expect, these worldly things have lots and more confusions to offer...

Sometimes, I find myself being in too deep with my emotions..there are lots of things to be taken into real careful consideration..and most of the time, all those endless thoughts only leave me with hurtful suffocations..I'm not trying to make people understand me..doing just that is only a waste of time and energy..Making people believe in me is as difficult as asking the donkey to sing a hymn..They would never be able to, only Him can understand my deepest heart and soul..

...there were times when I let all those feelings flow, and just let my heart be thrilled, excite, mesmerized and be hurt..I'm battling with my innermost feelings..What do I want in my life? What do I want to prove? Why? How? When? everything needs an answer, and I know that it lies somewhere between my ego and my pride..Well, I found out that, life demands more than just being able to accommodate all those questions..I have been deeply hurt before, and hurt someone as deeply..and If ever I am going to do it again..let it be for once and all..NEVER long as I live, I want to live with nothing, but my dignity..That's all I have..

The weekend outing....

it has been long since I last went to the waterfall in Kionsom, and yesterday, I was feeling a bit crazy, so I said to my friend..mari pi mandi sungai..and he said 'mari..'..I called two more friends to join us..but, the other friend pura2 jual mahal, only the three of us went there..The weather was really hot earlier that day, that was how I came up with the idea to go to the waterfall..but, suddenly, the sky turned dark and it started drizzling..Punya tau2 ja kami ada plan baaikkkkkk punya..I guess, God must be jealous kami mau p mandi2 sungai tu..ishhh..emmm..Sorry, I don't mean it..But hey, its not fair...kami bukan dapat pi slalu pun..but anyway, I said, I don't care, kalau ujan pun sa mau antam pi sungai juga, lagi pun I have the food ready...Rugi la kalau makan di rumah ja..hehehe..

these are some of the not so decent pics taken during the piknik dalam utan yg ada air terjun yg hebat...don't mind my language kio...kamurang tingu ja tu gambar2 kami yg ... emmm... Deiii...really need to lose some of those...tuuuuuuuuuuuuutttt...

just arrived..pastu nda sabar mau terjun..

See la me..the male version of Ikan Duyung..

ermmm..there is supposed to be six packs there..kecut kali..

ya ya..tummy tuck..

That was me being craZy...

this is one of the best spots

you're still in the running of becoming the next Malaysian Tarzan......

Later that night..dinner di rumah sa la..

Okay..too many pics plak..I'll put more next time...hehehe..kidding..

Coincidence? Not................

Its the first day of the new month..Its the end of the year, and soon its going to be christmas day and new year..anyway, I don't want to talk about that, I wanna share something with you here..

Just a thought for the day..alright..

sembarang ja........

I believe that life should be lived and experienced to the fullest, the length of our life is not as important as the quality of life, a life lived well and balanced within nature will be a life long lived..that's why, I wanna enjoy every single day of my life while i'm still alive..and of course, I do care about those people around me..

Looks like, I'm gonna talk about life again, huh..well, what else is there for me to talk about..hehe..I live my life everyday, and experience everything in my day of life..this is an area that I'm sooooo good in..hehehe..

well people, time is a luxury that we can no longer afford, it has become one of my scarcity..I always find myself running out of time..and there are still lots of things to be done..and at the same time, I still want to enjoy my life to the fullest..I should stop and think, that I may not be able to get anything or everything that I want..Cause, everything has its cost..Being only human, I can never be satisfied with lots..I always demand for more..Greedy? ask yourself if you are not the same, or maybe worse..hehehe..

Next week will be our college's exam week..Well, it's only for a week, and after that, there will be one more week of holidays, and we're gonna start the new semester..Gosh..really, time has a new found speed these days..It feels as though, it was only yesterday I was handed with the teaching files, and I was soooo freaking nervous, and now..without me realising it, I have been teaching for 6 guess, I can still stand it..and I'm going to stay around a lil'longer..Afterall, this teaching job is not that bad anyway..EXCEPT..preparing the student notes and the course outlines..Damn..I really hate those..

ermm..I really I have nothing to blog today..I just feel like updating..just for the heck of all la..


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my folks

I know, I have absolutely the best mum and dad in the world..they have been the most influential people in my life and they have made me the person I am today..My father always told me I could do anything I set my mind to do. He also told me I was equal in importance to everyone else on Earth. This is something many people overlook in their daily struggle to out do, or be better than, everyone else. I learned money doesn't make you important, nor does beauty. Importance, a feeling of self-worth, comes from within. You are as important as the next person, and not more so.

My parents weren't rich, but apparently "did okay", as far as finance went. They gave me more than money could buy, because they loved me. I didn't realize exactly how precious knowing your parents love is, until a man once told me his children were "financial obligations". My father never, even in jest, considered me his "little write-off," or "little deduction." I never thought people really talked this way, or thought this way, but it was made painfully obvious to me, there are people who don't care about their children..Thank God, my parents aren't like that..

Well, that picture was taken 3 weeks ago on their wedding anniversary..I've never seen my mum and dad being so loving before...but apparently, I know..they do still love each other..hehehe..To my mum and dad...I know you won't be reading this, I just wanna say I love you and thank you for being such a wonderful parents to me..

Tears and Rain.........

Today is another rainy day, I think, it has been raining since yesterday afternoon..and the title of this entry has nothing to do with tears..but, simply because its raining today..hehehe..I'm bored..really damn bored..I have finished my syllabus, and now I am officially done with my teaching for this semester..Cool..

The freezing coldness in my office makes me sleepy all the time, so to keep myself awake..I browse on the pics I have in my notebook...and ...emm...Ya..I wanna share some of them with you..hehehe..This is what a blogger do when he has nothing better to write..POst pictures..and make themselves vain..Anyway, that wasn't my intention..okay..

The Uncle and the Nephew

Nathaneal Noah Richard

and...the wedding anniversary..

BL - Richard ( law& Sister), Uncle Mr&Mrs Cosmas Mojulat, my Beloved parents..

Thats all for now, I'll come up with something else afterward..ciao..

the awakening...

It's funny how life is what happens to you after you make your plans. It's a saying I have heard throughout my life from my mother. You're heading one way and all of a sudden a series of events aligns like a perfect storm and you get this strong inner feeling, "this is no coincidence.. something greater than myself is at work here." And, now..I understand, what she meant by that..

I'm still trying to absorb all the events of the past months, but am quite sure about one thing.. what I just went through was no accident. In fact, as bold as it may sound, I actually feel it was so very meant to be. In the innermost quiet of my soul, I do believe God or the universe or whatever force of fate you believe in, called to me, and despite my hectic and often frenetic life, I heard it and felt it deeply. I knew it was something I needed to do. That's not to say I understood all that was happening, or where it was going, or even why it was important. I didn't. I just knew it was...and actions are needed to be done..I'm not sure, in my own physical and mental capacity would I be able to do them all..Still, I think, moving on to the future is pretty much of 'trials and errors'..and am willing to take the chance..

I had been looking for something meaningful to do in my life for a long time and all is can see is a list of unfullfiled dreams.. It certainly is, for me, had become more about job performance than craft and more about self-promotion than really making a difference. Worrying about career, image, promotion, the next things to do and recognition had gotten pretty empty..It is our nature as human, we think that we could do everything, as long as we are willing to do it..Well, friends let me tell you something..the will is strong, but the flesh is always weak..and for that very reason, we are incapable of doing so many things..

This is no words of advice that I'm trying to give you..I'm just constantly reminding myself that I am not getting any younger and I should really think of my life ahead..It occured to me today after dinner, suddenly all the memories of the past came rushing in like a serial drama in front of my eyes, and I get too worried and scared knowing that my life is nothing but a piece of pathetic as it may sound..There a sudden urge coming from some parts of my urge for a change..Now..I've been talking about this over and over again..and still..I am being my old self..I think I need more courage to do just one thing, and it is for a big real change in me...Don't get me wrong change doesn't mean, im going to leave everything behind and forget all those people who have been in my life..You will still see me as being me..(Now..I don't know how can it not sound stupid..)

Well, to end my short entry..I would like to share this song with you..its only the lyric la..if you know this song..just sing it..sing it slowly..(emm..there I go again..)

-iron & wine-

I am thinking it's a sign that the freckles
In our eyes are mirror images and when
We kiss they're perfectly aligned
And I have to speculate that God himself
Did make us into corresponding shapes like
Puzzle pieces from the clay

True, it may seem like a stretch, but
Its thoughts like this that catch my troubled
Head when you're away when I am missing you to death
When you are out there on the road for
Several weeks of shows and when you scan
The radio, I hope this song will guide you home

They will see us waving from such great
Heights, 'come down now,' they'll say
But everything looks perfect from far away,
'come down now,' but we'll stay...

I tried my best to leave this all on your
Machine but the persistent beat it sounded
Thin upon listening
That frankly will not fly. you will hear
The shrillest highs and lowest lows with
The windows down when this is guiding you home

......I wanna write...

Anyone who writes as part of their job or even for work knows that it is a creative process. It took me a long time to figure this out. I always thought that in order for you to be a "creative" writer, you had to write poetry, or short stories, or books...and before you could actually come up with good ones, you need to do your studies and read lots and lots of books..

I have always longed to write something "creative" like that, but for some reasons, have never been able to. Oh yes, I have submitted short stories to the newspapers and it was released on the Sunday news - it was long ago, but I always seem to go back to my safe spot in writing, expressing my mood, feelings and emotions - and none of them I could consider as being creative.. I truly admire those who write in the way I wish I could.

What I have learned is that whatever you write You still have to craft words together in a way that makes them both flow, make sense, and most importantly encourages your readers to keep on reading, or even secure yourself the next projects or maybe a better position in the organization. And even though there are unique sets of rules to abide by, like in writing press releases, for example, you still have the ability to use your own voice to make it uniquely yours.

Well, you wanna know something..hehe..This is quite embarrasing..but, emm..I'll let you know anyway..I’ve always wanted to write a novel. Creating characters, directing their lives, dreaming up new and interesting places for them to visit has always appealed to me.However, I’ve always found it a daunting task. It is a lot of work to write a novel. I have every bit of respect for authors who can put stories together and do it well..hehe funny..Something that I could never achieve..not now, not even in the near future..

I blog in part and write about things that happened around me, and sometimes I just write rubbish..well, I have no one to impress..I write for my own sake..and hope I could get better..another dream that I wish could become a, next time..maybe..

the facts...

As people become more conscious, and especially when they become awakened, they will be able to perceive clearly the consequences of their actions. They will be able to know, through their experience and through the beautiful insights of higher consciousness, what are the likely consequences of particular actions, words, thoughts, feelings, or attitudes. People will become able to choose the consequences which they most prefer simply by contributing to better and better effects — causing them. Through appropriate and attuned thoughts, feelings and actions, they will realize a beautiful way of experiencing life.

But, in addition, as people begin to recognize that their lives are basically the results of previous actions, previous ways of treating other people, they will begin to realize that in most ways each person is responsible for the consequences of life which he or she is experiencing.

When people become more conscious, they will begin not only to sense why the bad or painful things happen in life but how to make the good and wonderful aspects of life come about — how to make their hopes and dreams realities. To be on this planet is to be educated about the consequences of one's actions. We're all here, growing in our understanding of causes and effects. A person who seeks the higher consciousness finds tremendous release in comprehending how to meet a problem more successfully at the next opportunity due to a deeper grasp of the relationship between cause and effect.

People who become more conscious will not blame others for what happens to them in life but will start a wave of improvement occurring from pole to pole. This is happening at this time. More people are accepting responsibility for what happens to them in life. They are often aware of the consequences of what they have done in the past — good and bad — and they realize it's not only their actions but their attitudes — the ways they think and feel — which directly contribute to making life fulfilling or sad.

emmm...what am I babbling here..?..Nothing..really..If you agree with me, then its ok..If not, no worries..I'm fine with it..ciao...

The Pics in Dinawan

I'm just gonna post very few of them here

Thats all..hehehe..all I can say is..I love that island, but hate the sandflies with every vein and nerve i have in my body..


It's still too early to be blogging, and yes..I have lots of works to be done, but..hell..Give me my moments and I'll prove it to you...(Well, what is there to prove, anyway..?)I've been a little bit busy + lazy lately..Due to some issues that I have not even a single intention to tell here..Being secretive? Maybe, I should try and be someone who's not me..for I am getting sick and tired of my ownself..Well, go ahead and tell me to be myself..

Going to work and being in the office seem like an eternal torture to me..I couldn't stop looking at my watch and curse time for moving so slow..It's hard to focus on your job if you're not happy with your working environment, and in my case, my work environment sucks, and my colleagues..ugh..They are just bunch of stupid bitches who love to talk about people and make stupid remarks on them..Wait, one of these days, I'm gonna really smack their heads down..and believe me you, when the right time comes, I won't be thinking twice..Sometimes after class, I would just sit on my desk and try not to think or care about anyone, my workstation is where I do all my stuffs and no one has not the least of right to come and disturb me..and often if not all the time, my moment of solitude (as in my own world).. I couldn't help being annoyed listening to their critics..

I just hate them..and too bad, I have to work with them..Sometimes they are just too much, and still find it so amusing to look down on others..and make awful critics about others..just because they think they live a better lifestyle and think they are more intelligent, or maybe, their life is so boring, making fun of others would be their only entertainment..Well, sorry bitches, go find a new hobby..I don't have respect on friends like you..I should consider if I would even want to call you my friends..

Well, I know, one of my colleagues would come to read and know about what I wrote here..anyway, I wasn't talking about you, alright..hehe..

If you don't aleady know, actually I have bad temper, really bad..and I have problem with anger management, thats why I can't stay too long in one workplace..I've tried lots of things to cure this problem, like..Ignore people and just mind my own business..but, if they still irk me..I have limits and sometimes I could erupt just like a volcano..and when it happens..Don't expect me to even look at your face again..And that very thing, I would try as much as possible to avoid..I don't care who you are, if you have anything against me, live that to your death..coz I just don't care...I think, sometimes being kind to people is not a way to live life happily and it doesn't worth if you have to be in this group of idiots..

Alright, I've been writing all my dissatisfactions so confidently, and now I'm tired of it..yeah, I'm not the only one who have this kind of problem..For the time being, playing ignorant would be bliss..I'm sure, in the nick of time, they would be back from their classes, and would see me doing this..I'll just wait for what they have to say this time...

Its middle of the month, something about today that makes me nervous, happy and also a little bit sad..Man..Life has been so complicated with me..and I don't think I could stay sane for all these madness..I created them myself, and I dont have any regret..Somehow, I would like to make today, a special day for me personally..I would not let them annoy me even if they do..I'll just let them be..I'll keep my cool..and I know, it was never easy..I wanted so much to be away from everything and celebrate today..and I couldn't stop feeling sad, coz I know..I wouldn't be able to do so...anyway, the thoughts mattered most..

Now, to begin with..I would end this entry, and start my day with a smile on my face..and true..its genuine....

The outing...

Just get back from Dinawan Island, still feeling a bit tired..Thank God, the weather has been really kind to us today..It wouldn't be that fantastic if it rains..And its not too hot either..Just nice, since I don't have any intention to get tan..Hah..

We left at 9am and had our simple breakfast when we reached the island..Hey students, you still owe me some ringgits..hehehe..Never mind, you guys have been really helpful and participative..Don't you think we should do this every Friday? Huh..Never stop looking for an excuse to skip class on Friday..hehehe..

Well em..Dinawan is actually a small island, compared to any of the Tunku Abdul Rahman's islands..but, I love it is not highly visited by tourists and we could pretty much do everything we want..I managed to experience the parasailing and the jet skiing for the first time..hehe,,It was fun, really..I would do that again next time..and while we were relaxing by the beach, we were stuned to see one of the tourists strip naked in front of us, and his friends start taking pictures of him..ya..could be better if it was a "her"..hehehehe..Pervert me...

The buffet lunch was fantastic..For RM35..Eat all you can..and of course my students did they job very well..But sorry guys, you won't be getting any marks for eating all the satays..Damn..I wonder, where are u guys from? Why were u behaving as if you have never eaten in your whole life..But then again, it was ok..I understand..hehehe..

I'll be going out in a short while..I'll post the pics taken in Dinawan soon..For now..Aight people..Mata ashita aimasho..

HAPPY deepaVali..

hey, I thought today's Sunday..Went out again last night and drank my soul out..hehehe..Not drunk, but my friend told me that I mummbled lots of silly things all the way home..Hehehe..I'm sure he was kind of irritated with my behavior last night, sorry have to listen to everything..

What did I do today..hemm..brought Bobbi to SAMC to get his balls removed..Poor Bobbi..but, this is for your own good, boy..Don't worry, you'll get used to being 'ball-less'..hehehe..(yaaaa, I'm talking to my dog)..

I don't have much to say here..don't feel like updating..then, what is this?? emm.. Can't figure out what's troubling my mind..I feel like I'm missing something..Ya, I think I miss mom called me early morning to wish me happy Deepavali..Haha..Funny, you gave me that name and now you're making fun of me, ha..?? Well, she's my mum, she can do anything and say anything she wants..Had a really long chat with my mum on the phone..It makes me wanna be home more..Yeah, if nothing comes up, I'll be going home on Saturday..The prodigal son is coming home..hehehe..

Well emm..I just wanna wish to no one in particular Happy Diwali..Deepavali..

Those pics....

ya ya ... I'm vain..hehehehe

Chef in the Making....

I was supposed to post those pics I promised yesterday, but I still have the same problem..I can't upload those pics from my hp to the computer..Heck..I need a new cable..maybe..Or is it my hp..? Well, I'll keep on trying, till the time comes, then I would post them..and that will be one of my thousands other promises..hahaha..

After work today, suddenly I felt an urge for something out of the ordinary..Not that it was something really odd anyway, I just felt like cooking something for dinner..Rather than spending the same amount of money having dinner outside why don't I just try my culinary skills..Yeah..As if I know how to cook..well..Lets see..

I went to Giant it Giant, but seriously, my house back in Kg is even bigger..hahaha..anyway, all the things that I need to cook for dinner is, stop complaining..I think, I am one of the customers who frequent that supermarket on a regular basis..(only to buy can foods for my puppies though..)After giving it a thought of what to cook..I hit in the supermarket for a quick errands...

We call this Sabah's Vege..Damn..I really don't know its English name..Emm..if you still don't know..its actually Sayur Manis..any idea? Emm..Well, anyway, I have vege..

This 2 fish cost me RM26..If only I knew, I wouldn't want to buy them..That is soooooo expensive for 2 fish of that kind...Lesson for the day..Don't buy fish in any Giant Supermarket, they are extraordinarily expensive..

Looks like a complete healthy diet hah..I wanted to cook chicken soup also, but, I guess, I'll save it for special occassion..ahakss..

and then...this cute puppy, Sisco...Hell no, he was not one of my menus..He has been very friendly to accompany me in the kitchen while I prepare and cook my simple dinner..thanks sisco..Thanks for being always there for me..hehehehe

and the outcome was...

Sayur Manis with sausages..emmm..Nice..hehee

That is supposed to be my sweet and sour fish..but it turned up to be sweet and salty fish..Deeiii..

Now..mina san, itadakimasu..Tabete kudasai..It took me 1 hour and a half to cook for such a simple dinner..

well, I'm quite satisfied with my own time, I'll do better..I hope..Should you need any further enquiry, or perhaps maybe you need catering services..pls let me know a week in advance so that I can start cooking early..hahaha..Don't mind me..It was only a joke.aight...

Ramblings of the drunken..

Just got back from a short drinking session...I was looking at some of the pics I took by using my handphone, and I would like to share them with you..Well, em..I'm having some technical problems uploading those pics to the computer..Maybe I'll do that tomorrow then..

Well, I told you bout how things got so jumbled up with me recently,but now I feel a bit relax and so in the mood of blogging..Could it be because of the beers again? hemm..maybe..Its funny how alcohol can turn you to be someone different..and in my case, it does, sometimes..Sometimes as in 8 times out of 10..hahaha..Hey, I'm not drunk, alright..not even close to typsy..if there's any vocabulary to describe the state I am in now..Forget it..I'm just too lazy to refer to my 'magic book'..O yes..I have some 'walking dictionaries'..but maybe, they might be in bed by now..hehehe..

Okay, this one's gonna be short, since my initial intention wasn't actually to write anything, I just wanna post some pics..So, I think, I'm gonna retire to bed early tonight..and hope my dreams would be those of wonderful ones..and when I woke up tomorrow, someone from the office would call me up to tell me that the college was caught in fire..and I don't have to come to work..hemmm..I wish...But then again, if it does happen, nothing would change, I'm still gonna be in deep frustration..hahaha..pathetic..

Alright..I'm actually physically and emotionally exhausted..for no reason, don't ask me..tomorrow, I'll start my day with...I don't know how..and don't ask me, why..? I told you, this is gonna be short, and I'm not going to prolong peeps, ciao..hehehehehe

Sheer Stupidity.......

Today's Sunday, I woke up late..Well, must be because of the alcohol consumed last night..ughh..And yaaa, of course I slept at about 5am..I woke up with an aching head..puppies jumpping on me..yeah..really need to get up..I took my hp to see if anyone texted me, yup..there was one from a friend, telling me he has just arrived home and he's safe..dude..where have u been, it was 5 something..!!! You must have been drunk somewhere hah..hehehe...Well, em..managed to go thru past messages, just to be sure that I didn't send any stupid messages to anyone, since..last night was quite crazy..Luckily..everything was decent..

Like most Sundays, my day would be quite slow and boring..What exactly people do on a Sunday? Go to the beach and have a picnic?..Go to the malls for window shopping..? ergh..I used to do that last time, now..especially today, I think I would rather sit at home, do my laundry and clean the house, and yes..would bring my puppies to the beach later this afternoon..I'm having so many things in my mind..really need to keep myself occupied so that I won't be stuck in my own emotional world..Deiii..I'm weak..and I realized this since long ago..nothing new..

I told my dad yesterday that I'll be coming home today..It's 4.25pm now I'm still blogging..I don't think I could make it today, daddy...perhaps maybe next Saturday..Ya..I promise..and for me, promises are not meant to be broken..ahaksss...I was cleaning the living room just now, but before I finish cleaning it, I found myself doing the laundry and now..I'm here infront of the PC updating my entry..Gosh me..trying to be super man? Well, I told you...there are just so many things playing in my mind, and I don't know what, or which one to do first..Okay..and there's nothing wrong to do few things at one time..hehehe

I'm looking foward for something that can make me happy or excites me..emm..well, I guess, there's more..At least not in this very near future..For the time being, its gonna be just going to work and teach those monkeys, and that doesn't thrill nor excite me at all, not the least..O ya, Friday, I'm bringing my students to Dinawan Island..Even this doesn't seem to be that exciting anymore..I still have to go though, since this is their class project and assignment..Anyway, friends...whoever you are, if you're free on Friday, I would like to invite you to join us that would be only for a day trip :(

Well em..I really have no idea of what to write..this is one of the worst entry ever written in the history of blog writtings..who cares..? At least I have something to write about and it doesn;t have to be articulate..hehehe..and I need a place to hide away..coz I think, I'm not half the man I used to be..hehe..(sounds familiar hah?...) Ok ok..cut these craps..I'll continue with my laundry and cleaning the living room, and...owh man....wash my car, bring the puppies to the beach, go for a movie, iron my shirt for tomorrow, prepare my lectures..Damnation is all I could say bout my Sunday today..........

Ja..mata kakimasu..

the real me...

it's a long and winding road that leads to the point of no return..those who walk slowly but steadfast will surely reach the end and get their rewards and be joyful..I wonder, in my course of life, what have I achieved so far..? Looking back all over the years, I think, I have gone through lots of things..some that made me laughed, and some that made me cried..But, I'm still pretty much the same person that I used to be..Not that I wanna be someone else, I'm comfortable with myself..But, it's just a small changes that I wish I could see in me..a betterment in life..

I've seen many things that I have never seen before, went to places that I've never been before and make friends to those who were strangers to me before..Yeah, I guess I'm living a normal human being life..Should be thankful enough for all these things..I realized, as I grow older, life demanded me to be more responsible, and that very thing, I have less commitment on..and always find myself failed to comply..I guess I'm only being responsible to those whom I care about so much and to those who pay my salary...Having said that, still..I'm not satisfy with my life..Well..again, I'm being only human, with endless needs and wants in life..

Haven't been back to my parent's for quite long..I guess its ok to just come by and meet them whenever they are around town..Go for lunch with them..even for a brief seconds..I guess by just calling them once in two days will make it up for them and they'd be happy..Well, I guessed wrong..They called me up, and asked me to go home..I always did...but only for a day trip..and that doesn't make them any happier..They want me to go home and spend time with them..This is what I'm looking for now..I'll make time for them..and I think, Its one of my responsibilities to make them folks happy..Eventhough, as a child, I'm used to be the last one..I'm not complaining..I grew up to be a happy man today..

Sometimes I see my life like an animated series of misery..I pretend that life is beautiful,and as if I'm walking on my own cloud 9..People think that my life is full of fun and I have nothing to worry about in life..Only God knows how..and only God understands why..He understands my deepest parts more than I know myself..I thank God for giving me life...I don't like people to look at me as if I'm indeed in need of help and sympathy..And don't want people to know how weak and fragile I am emotionally..But, sometimes..I cannot fake shows...I only share my life stories with friends, close friends and love ones..but never to my family..I think, It is much easier and I could actually be more expressive to my friends than to any of my family members..

Now that you know..doesn't mean, you can judge me..Coz I don't care about what you have to tell me about my life..I live and rule my own life..I follow orders whenever I feel like it and tend to forget those who doesn't have significant impact to my life..I'm sorry..But YOU, who have special place in my heart, I put you on top of my any significant others...For as long as you want me to..and I'm happy just to be with YOU.......


Happiness refers to the emotion, mood and state of's like a butterfly, which, when pursued is always just beyond your reach, but when, if you only sit down will alight upon you...I'm happy and that's all I wanna say...There's nothing new in my life, but I thank life has been poured with happiness I never thought I could ever felt..The happiness of being loved and to love someone...

The feeling is grandeur and everlasting..and I couldn't stop loving this person..I know, it's not going to be easy between us, for whatever reason..only God knows why..Well, nothing's wrong with it anyway..It's only fair that I should know, where everything is leading to...

I really need to tell you that I'm so thankful that I have known you..If only I have known you earlier, I wouldn't have to waste my time seeking for love from another person...and I wouldn't be hurt, coz I know, you wouldn't do that...they say, when you are in love, everything else is not as important to you anymore..I thought that they were only lying...but, its true..since I met are the only one who matters to me..I'm sorry for saying this..But,I'm just a selfish bastard who love you so much..whether its right or wrong..and no one else need to know and understand..

I need to go now, we'll talk about this some other time..for the time being, just leave it as it is...hehehe...


I'm dedicating this to my special someone, who ever you are, you know that you are special to me in many ways..and you are the reason of all this adrenalin rush..Not that there's anything wrong with it...I kinda like it...

Walk with me in acceptance, judging me not, questioning nothing about the wheres and whys and whatevers of my occupation of similar space and time as those recognized by the masses for great accomplishments and gifts of self.

Walk with me in amazment that we are so blessed to have this opportunity to be together...And I shall walk with you in awe... and you know, I only want nothing but this...

Salamat dahil ikaw na sa piling ko.......buhay ko para sa iyo...

My New Puppy....Sisco

I've just adopted a new puppy last week, a German Rottweiler (A mixed of German Shepherd and Rottweiler)...Well, Sisco is the new pup..6 weeks old, very brave and very are some pics of him...hehehe


School has just started so I'm pretty bummed out.. And you know what that means..? Do the teaching! Classes + updating my blog frequently = rare. So that means that if the contents are the same for like some days, a month...a few month...maybe...a year? (doubt it) PLEASE don't get angry at me for I have a torturous thing called WORK and I'm sure all you people have it and I'm thankful, I'm not the only one being tortured. The last entry is still up so stop freaking out because it may just be there for quite a while. hehehe..

So Damn Busy..........

Arghhh...Been quite busy lately, preparing my student's notes for next semester..I hardly have time to check my blog and entertain my friends on my chatterz zone..hope they'd understand..ahaks...Well, nothing much to say, I just hate this last minute work..Don't blame me, if I was asked to do this 2 weeks ago, I'd probably have done it by now..I guess this is what normally happens when you are working under someone who has the ultimate authority of command..Anyway, this is acceptable..I wasn't asked to climb the highest mountain to get this magic feather that can cure is just a simple task..but, next time, if you want me to do something, make sure you inform me in that way, I'll be more productive..hehehe..Well, that's all for now..I hope I won't be too busy anymore by next week..Opss..Damn, What am I talking about? The new semester starts next week..Damn..I hate my new subjects..Especially the Airlines ticketing and reservation..I would trade it for marketing subjects if any of them want to...Goshhh...I'll be dead meat teaching that subject...

When married men talk about their wives...

I was a little bit tense today...I've been trying to find some materials for my R&T class for next semester, been asking around the lecturers, but none of them could really provide me with what I really need..So, my colleague and I went for some coffee at a nearby restaurant..Shortly after that, we were joined by another 2 colleagues, one of them is our's ok, he's like a good friend to me anyway..

At first we talked about the notes and everything about the college, when suddenly the topic changed into "my wife" and "married"..well, apparently, I am the only one who is not married yet, so I don't have anything to add to their funny conversations....

well my conclusion, after hearing to their sad but damn funny stories..

I married Miss Right.....I just didn't know her first name was Always.
No matter, even if you win an argument, you are always wrong, and she's always right..and that, you need to learn to accept the blame..(man!!!...)

Losing a wife can be my case, it was damned near impossible.
A day without the wife around is heaven for them..hehehe..I wonder why?

A man complaining to a friend: "I had it all; money, a beautiful house, a big car, the love of a beautiful woman...then...pow!...It was all gone!" "What happened?" asked the friend. " wife found out..." and the wife controls everythings..

Wife: Let's go out and have some fun tonight. Husband: Okay, but if you get home before I do, leave the hallway light on. (means, it's ok, lets just stay at home..I wouldn't enjoy it with you around...)

Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street bald and still think they are beautiful...(my friends is bald and he thinks that, and I think I look ok ok la...hehehe)

If your wife and a lawyer were drowning and you had to choose, would you go to lunch or to a movie? (married man doesn't even bother to look...emm, that's a little bit too much..don't you think so..?)

A man is incomplete until he is married.....after that, he's finished...(His life will be controlled by the wife, and he has no say..)

Marriage is a three ring circus: 1. engagement ring 2. wedding ring 3. suffering
(well, this is funny, and i think it's quite true...)

A little boy asked his father, "Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?" His father replied, "I don't know, son, I'm still paying for it." (how come they look at it that way..?)

A couple was having a discussion about family finances. Finally the husband exploded, "If it weren't for my money, the house wouldn't be here!" (and the wife always question them, why they spend so much money on the golf club, new handphones, gadgets and everything..)

Married life is very frustrating. In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.

When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: either the car is new or the wife is.

Before marriage, a man will lie awake all night thinking about something she said. After marriage, he will fall asleep before she's finished."

Emmm...I'll make sure that I will only get married if I'm completely ready..and it will take a long time..hehehe

Boozy Night...

eh...where's....? emmm...never mind la...

We decided to have a regular night out, starting off in our watering hole, and then moved to another bar in town. The various drink taken cannot all be remembered but suffice to say there was a vast quantity taken, and it was fun to see some friends starting to loosen up thier buttons...hehehe...Man, these friends really know how to have fun..I wonder, why I can only see it now..Reserve..maybe...hehehe

Later on that night, after we have sung almost all the songs that we know how to sing in the first place we went to.. (not me, them folks..hehehe), we decided to hop to another bar for the opportunity to get even drunker..Well, all I wanna do was to dance..not so much into drinking anymore..but..It was hard to resist and hard to reject the offer from these good friends who paid for the booze...ughhh..It was up until closing time, only then we left, I was not that drop down and puking drunk, but at least my unconscious mind knows when I'm drunk, I'm not supposed to drive..hehehe..Looking forward for something healthy to do in the future..I think all the booze are shortening my life span on this planet earth...

That's all folks...