I have been on a long vacation..I mean, away from blogging...Do I miss it?..I guess, not....I find it really therapeutic for me to write on a regular basis before, but..It's not happening anymore...Anyway, I'm not going to let it die, after all these years, when I finally found a medium for me to say what I have been wanting to say, I'm not gonna let this blog be buried and lost in the cyberspace...I'm gonna revive it again...this time, with less writings, and less ramblings...I wanna express my thoughts and feelings through photography...They are more realistic than the ramblings of a drunken man after a few glass of beers..

that's what I'm gonna do..turn this blog into a complete photoblog....starting tomorrow...(If I'm not lazy...again...) h ehehe
I have to accept the fact that sometime things don't go the way we planned them to be...sometime things go wrong...and sometimes