Politics...No Thank You..!!!

Some people can't stand watching sports, others hate debating religion...I detest politics. I have my opinions, yes, but I find the political system to be positively futile. How are we to be united as one in a nation split into parties? How can we work for the greater good when everyone is constantly at each other's throats? I'm not against any politician.. I just think we actually need to understand what we want..

I don't think I'm going to vote even when I get the chance. People tell me, "Why not?" and various things such as, "Then you have no right to complain," You should!" The last comment particularly irritates me, we should vote because we have the right to vote, not because its an obligation to do so..Yup, this year, I'm not going to vote..I would be out of town..I should not feel obligated anyway...emmm..

The time has come when we have to vote again..yeah, for those who have registered as voters of course..and for those who have not registered, and have no intention to register, you have all the rights in the world to remain silent..hehehe..It's not a yearly event, but, I just don't like the chaos when it comes to election season..You can now hear, and see those politicians being nice to villagers, especially in the remote areas..and they spread their sweet promises that, these and that will be given to the villagers if they won..Hey, wake up now you guys..Don't you know, promises are meant to be broken..and it is especially true if you hear it out from the politicians..

Politics is a dirty game. People lie, people try to get away with things, and people rip each other off...reminds me of school elections, except no one's passing out cupcakes (and I don't vote at school, either). Don't get me wrong. I think democracy can be a wonderful thing...We have our freedom, then why can't we live as one?? Why..? why..?..I'm not going to answer it..I leave it for you to think..Now..Think Hard ya....adios..

Sakit perut ku....

This is not morning sickness, men don't get morning sickness aight..hehe..But, it is excruciating, and damn God knows how terrible it is..I woke up at 4.30 with a sudden urge to go to the toilet..I thought it was an one off thingy, but then..It didn't go away, I mean the pain..then, I thouhgt, I could stand it, its nothing..Ughh..I guessed wrong..It made me awake till morning..the cramping and the ache getting worse and worse, I could hardly stand and walk..It feels having those terribly venomous spines embedded in the lining of my stomach..Whatever it is, its not making me comfortable, and its not a funny thing...

I think I'm having a medical emergency..Quick..Someone please call the ambulance..I'm having such a terrible stomach ache..and Oh noooo...look...look at my toungue, it has turned black..surely I'm dying and my puppies can't do anything about it..hehehe..I'm such a drama king sometimes..hehehe..How'd the hell do I know my tongue has turned black..hehehe..Don't even know where do I get the idea..Anyway, it is just a mere stomach ache, and I have gone to the doctor this morning, take the prescribed medicines, and try to sleep it off..When I woke up, the pain has somehow reduced..thats why la, now I'm blogging..hehehhe..and it feels so good to be at home..Thanks for the MC Doc..Now I know, what my puppies do when no one is at home..They fight, they sleep, they bark (a lot), they bite the cushions, and they watch tv..nay'..They don't watch tv..hehehe..I think I should leave the TV on, so that they will have some entertainment..I know..they are bored..

I should be going off now..Need to get something to eat..I guess, now I can bear the little pain i have inside..Adios amigos...

Treasure Hunting...

(this is supposed to be posted yesterday, but I was really2 really tired..hehe)

Ughh..I have just got back from a very tiring treasure hunting day..and despite of me being real tired and sleepy, I'm here infront of the PC trying to create a short entry before I lost everything..(hehe, I mean like I forget everything..) It was jointly organized by the KK City Hall (DBKK)and Tourism Malaysia..Being almost in the industry myself, I guessed it would be fun, so we came up with our group of four people..Snoop Doggies..hahaha..It wasn't my idea, it was Izwan's idea ok..

If one enjoys history, the great outdoors, and can stand the excitement, treasure hunting would be an incredible hobby..and to be honest, I think, it is also addictive..I couldn't wait for another treasure hunt activities..So, if there's any that you know, which is going to be organized (in KK area), please let me know ya..Thank You..hehehe Anyway, the questions and clues were quite confusing..O yes, they were really confusing..If not, we should have been able to answer and get all the clues right..For those who have participated last year, maybe, this time it was easier for them, because the might have the idea already, and they know how to solve all the funny anagrams, tulips, and all the clues in general..

We didn't win anything, eventhough, the prize was given up to the 60th place..Damn..We suck!!!hehehe..Hey, we joined in for fun larrr..(dalam hati, ciss..)..And to make it more shameful, our students managed to get 29th place..Ughh..Not bad..(ala..dapat beras sama hamper ja pun, sumbung...cehhh...pa mau jeles..huhu)..

Well, emm, not really in the mood of croping pics right now..I'll do it later and post some pics for you to see..Ok dokie..chow...

Deja Vu...

Recently I have been having a lot of deja vu. Everytime i go to the college and I hear something, I feel as if I've heard it all before. Or when I see someone, I feel as if I already met him or her before. Sometimes when I look at myself in the mirror I feel as if I have done this before and why am I doing it again..? Am i going crazy? Does anyone else have these experiances?..Well, I know it happens sometimes..but in my case, its not sometimes, many times...

Deja Vu is the experience of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously or an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has repeated itself..You feel as if you are dreaming in the broad day light with your eyes open..Sometimes its really confusing..In my case, I even say hi to the person whom I think I have met before..hahaha..can you imagine how embarrasing that could be..?..Ughh...

It happens to me and it has probably happened to you. It is sudden and fleeting, leaving as unexpectedly as it came. While the experience is striking in its clarity and detail, it is difficult to recapture... Generally, it is left unexplained and is described in a vague sense, often simply as, "Wow, I just got the strangest deja vu." And, today, I thought, I was having a deja vu again, when my students hand me their homeworks..I said, you have submitted it to me last week..They looked at me with eyes wide opened,and some couldn't hold their happiness and said..Yes sir, we did..Then I realized..I haven't received any of them yet...arghhhh...

hehe..I have something in my mind..What if, I have Deja Vu, like I've seen the Jackpot's winning numbers..emmmm..That would be the best deja vu ever...I wish...Alright..I'll leave you with whatever it is..I hope, I won't be experiencing any weird deja vu in anytime soon..hah..as if I can tell when it will come..hehe..
Good night everybody..

superhero wannabe...:))

I don’t know why I’m like this. I easily get bored with the routine. I quit my previous job because of the usual unexciting schedule I had and right now, I’m contemplating for another letter of resignation to be tendered due to the same old reason (yeah, I had it coming since last year, but now..I think it's really the time to do so..Not until I get a new job though..) I’m bored to death!..and I guess, I could really die of boredom..At first, it was like, wow, this is really cool..what a profession..Eventhough, teaching is not my ambition when I was a kid.. But as time goes by, I found that it doesn’t fascinate me anymore. I have dreamt of becoming an educator when I was a kid probably because of my admiration to my father,and my uncles/aunts, but I guess that was just the typical reaction of a son who admires her father who is a teacher. hey..Don't you know..“Teaching” is the noblest profession?. And I believe I was just a bit influenced by that Oriental idea that’s why...Not because I love to teach..hehe

To teach is cool and even more challenging supposed to be, just like the tele-marketing job that I gave up. However, I just can’t seem to find enjoyment with the daily routine. Everyday must be a new day but is always regarded as an ordinary day. You wake up and find yourself doing the usual thing. It excites me no more. I no longer find myself exerting effort to excel in because I’m all wrapped up with boredom. I don’t see any challenge and neither do I view a simple change or betterment. I can’t sense the rush of my adrenaline. I feel stagnant. I feel immobilized. I feel dead..and I don't see myself making any difference as I have written in my resume..(I think, that was why the hired me..hehehe)

I have nothing against the company of course. This company is the first place where I teach professionally in the field I think I know and good at. I’m just craving for something that will make my nerves up and put me in high spirits just like the jobs of a spy or probably a hired assassin, but definitely not a suicide bomber... Hahaha..don't mind me..I'm going beyond the unimaginable.. Duh! I don’t want to risk my life for something that’s unadorable. I just want excitement and action and to accomplish different kind of missions..Hey, you guys watch Heroes? Its the second season now..I wish I have super power like Sylar..Really, but I wanna be the good one..and call my name Xigorx ..Ughhhhh..Yeah I know..I wanna vomit too..it doesn't sound like a superhero's name at all..hehe..Well, at least by having those powers, I could be hired as FBI..hehehe..really ambitious hah..!!?

If only I have the qualities to be one, I would have been one of the most reputable undercover agents in the world. (Please don’t get me wrong. hehe!) Unluckily, I don’t know any kind of martial arts, don’t know how to hold a gun and don’t know how to shoot. So, let’s just leave it as one of my frustrations...Well, anyway, I still hope, one day or someday, I would be bitten by a spider, and I would become spiderman saving your life weak people..hehehe..Kidding..

Alight..stop..i'm going to far with my imaginations..and I know, they are all craps..anyway..I'm serious about the career change..I hope it would be materialized by this year..Adios amigos..

Laptop ku...huhuhuhu

damn it..the laptop that I have been using all these while need to be sent for servicing..Aduiii..sedihnya..ada small component yg tercabut di dalam dia..emmm..
di rumah ja la sa dapat berinternet ni..Memang sedih la..What to do..I hope it can be fixed as soon as possible...for the time being, I'm using the last remaining power it has..actually the problem..I can get it recharge sbb the power pin tercabut..aduiii..mcm mana buli jadi macam ni pun sa nda tau..

Ok la..nanti di rumah sa update lagi laa...sa tension oo..Kalau ujan lagi ni ari, lagi la sa tension...emmm...ada matahari..yeahhh..cross my fingers...

Photographer in the Making.....

If you don't already know..I love to take pictures..I take pictures of anything and everything..and even pictures of myself..haha..I'm such a camera whore..really..I take pictures of myself when I got stuck in the traffic jam, not that I am vain..but, hey..What else can u do when u in that situation?? I feel like screaming..but, that would be a waste of my husky voice..Ughhh..forget about the husky voice..stick to the cam whoring..aight..!! and I take pics of myself when I was about to go to sleep..How can that not be crazy enough..At least, it's a healthy hobby..hehehe...

I'm sure most of u, if not all have done this before..I mean, taking pics of yourself..hehe..you're such a cam whore too hah..cam whores are usually identified by the missing forearm, a side effect of holding a camera and pointing it at yourself..now, do you have alot of those kind of pics??..hehe..You don't have to tell me, coz I already know...

I've started taking pictures of everything by using my HP's camera..and U know, the outcome from the 2 megapix camera on ur HP..It's not that it is not good..but, just put it this way..It is not satisfying..I just love taking pictures..and the sad thing is, I don't even have my own camera..Ughh..that's pathetic..but thanks to Jr for letting me to use his camera anytime..thanks aa pok..To the person who have invented digital camera..You're genius..One main advantage of digital photography is that, you can see the results immediately. You can also delete a shot that you do not like immediately , making room for more pictures on your memory card. It is very convenient to be able to take a picture and then take a look at your screen to see how the picture turned out..

Well, actually I was being inspired to the world of photography by Jr..recently he bought a new SLR camera..A Canon EOS350..whatever it is..I don't even know which camera is good and which one is not..but, since I was introduced to this SLR camera, i think, all the other cameras look obsolete..hehehe..It is so much better than any of the cameras I have ever used before..(Yeah right..as if I have used hundreds of them before)..but seriously, it makes everyhting you snapped looks really nice..what else can I say..I'm being even motivated to be a photographer..hehehe..One of these days, I would and must have my own SLR camera..(bila la mau kena Jackpot ni..?hehehe)

These are some of the not so nice pics taken by an amateur photographer..(wait la, once I'm good already..you see la..)

Pok..nda perlu touch up pun..hehehe..

o yess..I love taking candid pics like this..Model..En.Gur and En.Gidong..Pura2 busy kunun tu..

Leo, Tasha and Bruno..The tennis ball is just a decoration..

ughh..a bit blurr..Sengaja tu..la la la

I don't know..Somehow I like this one even if you don't...biar la bah..

Okay..that's all..I'll come up with more when I have improved, aight...

Emm, bout the title..Don't mind me, I don't wanna be a professional photographer anyway..I take pics for fun..(yeah, for now..hehe)..

Valentine's Day Is for Everyone........


The day is here. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a Happy Valentine's Day. So who am I spending this special day with? With my puppies of course who else..:D..

Let's talk about a little facts here..(hehe, as if I know..at least this is from my point of view)..Well, the Valentine's Day phenomenon started to spread a lot in our country..I still remember, my prof. last time..He was so mad when all the students were crazy buying flowers on valentines's day..Well, he has his reasons for being mad..anyway, he wasn't our best prof. and nobody listen to him..oK, Let's just forget about that grumpy old man..This is the time around when you can feel that love is in the air..Hey, can you see that, one has just passed by your eyes..Kidding..

All gifts shops are decorated in red hearts and flowers and small red lights hanging all over the streets…emm, I think those are the the 'tanglungs' from the chinese new celebration..opsss.. shops filled with red roses packed in many ways and different styles not to mention that Roses prices increases to become double the regular price …Valentines party’s preparations and publicity all over the radio stations and the flyers they slot in by your wipers or wind shields…and you see it more common among the young and teenagers…young couples running disparately after gifts and presents for their love ones…Gosh.. I must say LOVE IS IN THE AIR..

I'm not all excited about Valentine's Day, I know its a special day for lovers all over the world..But I think, and I believe, there shouldn't be a particular day to show your love ones how much you love them, or how much you care..You should do it continuously everyday..Some people might take the opportunity to buy presents and gifts for their special someone for redemption of all the bad things that they have done..And believe me not, on valentine's day, you could be forgiven so easily..All you have to say is..I LOVE YOU...Ughhh..If that's how love is..then, we are all pathetics..

"Love" is a very common word used these days. Couples saying it to each other, family members showing it to one another and gamblers losing their money because of it. So what's your idea of love?

Here's mine:

Love suffers long and is kind, love does not envy, love does not parade itself, is not puffed up;
does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil.. does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth..
bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things...

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Hey Guys..read this story...

There was this poor family in a village in China which consist only of a mother and her daughter. The father, who was a farmer, has passed away due to poor health. The mother is left to bring her child up. She worked in the fields planting sweet potatoes. Everyday, she tilled the ground, prepared the fertilizer and made sure that there was something for her daughter to eat. She worked for her school fees, always strengthening herself in the thought that her daughter will one day be successful.

Mother: Girl, make sure you study hard so that you will one day be a successful woman.
Daughter: Okay mum.

The girl only had her mother, so it was not surprising that she was especially close to her. From her favourite food to the one bullying her in school, she would share everything with her mother. They would spend the night talking and sharing what happened through the day, laughing and crying together. Then as bedtime comes, she would hum that particular song for her to sleep.

Years passed and the daughter was all grown up.

Mother: Well, you are all grown up now and soon will be studying in a reputable university. Ah...it's been a long time. But I guess it's worth it seeing you all grown up and on the way to success.
Daughter: Thanks mum. I will write to you once I reach there.

As the years pass by, the mother's health began to deteriorate. The letters came in less frequently. The daughter was worried that something may happen to her mother anytime, so she decided to postpone her studies for awhile. She wrote a letter informing her mother of her decision. After settling all the administrative matters, she took a train all the way back to her village.

It was already night when she reached her village. As she walked closer to her house, memories of her childhood days flooded her mind. The stone table which she used to study on, the grass patch where she accidentally started a fire and her favourite eating house which has already closed down.

As she stepped closer to the familiar hut, she could see a frail figure sitting at the front door, humming a familiar tune. That tune brought back memories...

"Hey Mum, what's this green thing?"
"Ah...it's a grasshopper. Your father and I used to go around the fields catching some to sell."

"It's not my fault! The fire started suddenly when my lantern fell!"
"Why are you so fired up? I am not blaming you. All that matters is that you are safe. It wasn't easy defending you from verbal abuses and threats from neighbours but it's worth it."

"Erm mum...something's happening to me."
"Haha...relax girl, you are growing up now. It's ok. Don't be too stressed over it.:

"Guess what! My application is successful!"
"Congratulations! I am so proud of you my dear. Study hard and make me proud. I will miss you but I guess it's a sacrifice I need to make."

Daughter: (tears in her eyes) Mum...I am back.
Mum: (still humming) I have been waiting for you. I am so glad that you are able to spend this day with me.
Daughter: Yah mum, I am happy too that I am still able to see you.
Mum: Relax girl, don't cry. Why should you cry? Today's a happy day and I've cooked your favourite snack - boiled sweet potatoes.

It was a shabby hut, with simple food. There was no red carpet, nor was there a limousine to fetch her. What's inside was just a straw mat with some simple utensils for eating. The only ones around are the crows looking for food and crickets that chirp to attract their kind. Occasionally, some stray cats would meow outside. Other than that, there was no human voice, except for the two of them. They shared with each other stories from the city and the village. Then as time for rest came, the daughter hummed that familiar song as her mother slept.

In that hut was two very happy people.

What..??? Do you think it's going to be a sad story..?hehehe..It's valentine's day, there's no time for sadness..be cheerful..No one is totally single and alone in this world..and valentine's day is not meant to be spent with your special someone only..You can actually spend it with your friends, families and even your puppies..


Lagu Semangat Tuk Terus HIdup...

Words and music by freddie mercury

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
Im just a poor boy,i need no sympathy
Because Im easy come,easy go,
A little high,little low,
Anyway the wind blows,doesnt really matter to me,
To me

Mama,just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger,now hes dead,
Mama,life had just begun,
But now Ive gone and thrown it all away
Mama ooo,
Didnt mean to make you cry
If Im not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on,carry on,as if nothing really matters

Too late,my time has come,
Sends shivers down my spine
Bodys aching all the time,
Goodbye everybody-Ive got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama ooo- (any way the wind blows)
I dont want to die,
I sometimes wish Id never been born at all

I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche,scaramouche will you do the fandango
Thunderbolt and lightning-very very frightening me
Galileo galileo
Galileo figaro-magnific
But Im just a poor boy and nobody loves me
Hes just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come easy go-,will you let me go
Bismillah! no-,we will not let you go-let him go
Bismillah! we will not let you go-let him go
Bismillah! we will not let you go-let me go
Will not let you go-let me go
Will not let you go let me go
Mama mia,mama mia,mama mia let me go
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me,for me,for me..

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?
So you think you can love me and leave me to die?
Oh baby-cant do this to me baby...
Just gotta get out-just gotta get right outta here?

Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see,
Nothing really matters-,nothing really matters to me,

Any way the wind blows....


I received an email from my boss 3 days ago, but I don't even bother to check it out because the title is "PIZZA HUT"..Let me be frank with u guys..I'm not crazy about Pizza like some people do..I don't know why some people are so into pizza..any kind of pizza..U just name it..I can actually count how many times I went and have something to eat at any pizza outlet..4 times..Well, anyway, I wont tell you how much I dislike pizza here, its what I found out after reading the e-mail..

Okay this is how the story goes..

A friend..(lets call her Siti)..She went to have her lunch with her few other friends at Pizza Hut..after they have their meals, time to pay Siti realized something which is a little bit odd on the bill. Well, usually a bill will contain few columns such as : Number of Person, menu ordered, and the bill number..But, there's something unusual with the bill..on the right top column of the bill there's a column "RACE"..and Siti's bill was marked as '0' assuming that it means.."Malay". Her friend which is from Sri Lankan (an Indian) marked as "I"..Apparently, Siti was not being imposed any service charge or government tax but her friend has to pay service charge and government tax.. Siti managed to peeped on to some other bills which were on the table, and she found out that for Chinese, it will be labeled as "c", and they too have to pay the service charge and government tax..

I was like...What the F**k? of all the places..Pizza Hut is imposing the price based on race? This is absurd..and totally unacceptable..Well my dear friends..if you are a pizza hut fan..Please confirm if this is true..coz, I will never set foot on any pizza's place ever again..huhu..




If this is true then, something needs to be done..kalau nda pun kita BOIKOT la ramai2 jan pi makan di PIZZA HUT lagi........

it's still raining.........

It has been raining for more than 24 hours now..The weather is making me crazy and depressed and I want to drink so much.. I'm not feeling cozy at all in my office. I'm just cold..Really cold..I wish I have my blankets with me now in the office..emm, don't see how it can turn to be appropriate though..Rainy day like this makes my entire mood sagged..Endless, dark and depressing..The local weather forecast has reported that it will continue raining the whole day today..What? More rain? seriously, I can't take any more rain? Not only has all that rain canceled sporting events, ruined outdoor work progresses and generally made it impossible to enjoy doing anything at all outdoors, it has turned nearly everyone cranky and irritated, to me in particular..I wish the rain would stop by noon time, and sunshine will take its place again..Dry up the tennis courts so that I could play tennis this evening..And what are the chances of that..? 0 to 10...Ughh..Sad is my song today..

I found out that scientifically, rains actually develop a major depressive disorder. It is called "seasonal affective disorder" or SAD..hey, isn't that an appropriate acronym? emm..There are psychological reasons why rainy season makes some people feel blue. Do you realize that little dip in your mood?..I tell you, it's not your imagination..It really is because of the rain..hehehe..Since we could hardly get anything done, it encourages overeating and extra jolt of coffee..This is when most people will gain some of the unneccessary extra Kilos..hehe..I'm talking about other people, not me.. :)

It's still raining, but so I could focus through my window on a more distant objects..It somehow helps me to ease some emotions...

Till then, don't play in the rain..Don't get sick..and be cheerful..

wonderful holidays...

It has been four days since I last updated my blog..and I have a long story to tell..Now, where do I start?..I'm eager to write, but I just don't know how to start..and I find myself struggling for the best words and sentences possible..Ughh..I wish I could be like some people who could put out words and sentences real nicely..then again, why should I be envious of them..I think, I'm not that bad writer anyway..hehehe..

My chinese new year breaks have been wonderful..thanks to my friends who were there to make it more meaningful this year..Usually, I would be at home either sleeping or watching tv only, but this year it was filled with lots of activities..hehehe..

Mari la ku cerita satu2 aa..

Last Wednesday, I was only working half day..Remember, I told you about me redesigning my old tattoo, yup..I got may arm tattoed..The process was so painstaking..The design of the tattoo is the brainchild of my three friends..Thanks to Ray, Benno and Jr..hehehe..Habis sa punya tangan kana conteng2..So lastly they came up with a very nice one, and I was satisfied..Besar la kunun, kesukaan la ba..But then, when the tattooist started making the lines..Ughhhhh..damn..Sakit ooo...I was having a second thought, but..too late to apologize..eh..too late for any decision..Luckily, there was a bottle of beer inside the freezer, it helped a lot..hehehe..Then tu malam, we went out to meet si Gur for a very light and easy drinking session..emmm...Light and easy aa...It was indeed..ya ya..
work in progress..Ugh..sampai tutup2 mata ba..punya best..hehe

The next day we went to Pulau Manukan..The initial plan was, pi Island Hopping..tapiiiiiiiiii...We started so late, atas sbb yang paling tidak dapat dielakkan..Nda pa Kupi..Kami faham..emmm...It was fun there in Manukan..Lots of food and very nice weather too..Too bad, I can't go and swim because I just got a tattoo the day before..Sayang oo..Nda pa, maybe next time...

hemm..lambat2 si kupi, lambat lagi tu boat kami sampai..opsss...hehehe

At last..we reached manukan almost noon..tu matahari betul2 no mercy oo..well, it was good, kalau ujan..sia2 ja tu..

Sempat lagi mau apply the aloe vera gel supaya tu tattoo nda rosak...kunun la

Naaa..sepa bilang sa teda masuk laut..ada ba..hehehe

On Saturday we went to Keningau..(with Jr and Gidong)..It was an unplanned trip...Jr mentioned about going to Keningau way long time before, he wanted to meet his song arranger..So off we go..Thank God, the new Kimanis road has shortened the otherwise 2 and half hours journey..and, the view along the crocker range is just surreal and breathtaking..nasib baik teda tempat mau berenti, kalau nda, si Gidong la paling excited mau bergambar..Furthermore the clouds were so thick our driver Mr.Jr could hardly see where he was going..Nasib baik ko terer driving pok..Keningau, just like other Cowboy town in sabah, there's nothing much juga la..hehehe..di Bunsit ja yg best..Tu sungai..hehehe, and sempat lagi kunun sa jadi hero remaja kasi selamat budak yg mau2 lemas sudah..Blame it on the parents or the aunt ka tu, ada ka patut tu org tua yg pakai tu pelampung..cisss...and the during the night, nda sah kalau teda 'tin hijau pilihan ku'..hehehe..Si Gur nda kasi kuar tu Mighty Siopon dia ba..nda pa ko Gur..taaaapun ja la..hehehe..heehe, anyway, thanks a lot for being our tour guide, hehe..tu ngau chap juga la yg paling sedap di Malaysia..Thumbs Up ni..

See, even the old tree looks nice here..atas banjaran crocker..

If you are not familiar with the road, and you are not careful enough, you might end up somewhere down there..nasib la kalau ada org jumpa..eee..

emm, antah la pa yg sa happy tul tu, lupa sudah..di Bunsit ni..emm..punya men dalam tu sungai kan Gur..

Now, it's monday..How I hate it..Going back to work after all the joy and fun in the sun..I wish I could just sleep and relax at home..Kemalasan ku melampaui tahap langit ke 7 sudah ni..Well, there's nothing I can do..To complain is never an option, to quit would be the most stupid action..Pi keja ja la walaupun tension..hehehe..cam pantun 3 kerat ja tu..ha..jawap ko Jang, jawap..

Nasib baik ada sisqo yg comel..tenang sikit jiwa dan perasaan ku..hehehe

I hope your CNY breaks pun hebat2 belaka..Thank God, kita masih ada tangan and kaki, and the most important thing is..We're still alive...God be with us..always...My sincere profound thank goes to Mr.Gur for the chivas that I'm yet to get from Ms.Kupiko..hai..Mata kakimasu..

Happy Chinese

emmm..boringnyer..nasib baik la ni hari half day only..and I'm dying of boredom..few things that I need to do today..First, buat my new glasses..Rex, sudah kasi rosak tu glasses sa semalam..Still new oo..And I was so freaking mad at the puppies, tapi, when sisqo came w ith his wagging tail and the glasses frame totally disoriented in his mouth, I couldn't deny, it was so cute, and I just laugh with tears on both corner of my eyes..huhuhuhuhu...

lepas tu, I got this tattoo artist waiting for me at home, yeah..I need to re-design my old tattoo..hehehe..I was all so excited about this, couldn't wait to be home and get my arm tattooed..yess..

Then, buy few stuffs for tomorrow's island hopping with some of the bloggers..Pelangi Senja would be joining..Who? Si Pelangi Senja..never met her before..and I'm really looking foward for tomorrow..and I know..I would be taking a lot of pics with the new camera..Pok, pinjam2 aa..he hehe

And last but not least..since my elbow is totally healed after taking the anti inflamatory pills, maybe, I would be playing tennis again la ni petang ni..Addicted..My forehand is still no good..Damn it..I wish I could play better nanti petang..Yelah, si Gidong juga la yg sudah terer..Huh!!!!!nda pa baitu..

And..maybe..just maybe..tonight, would be going out for some soft drinks at the bar..mangkali la..sa teda janji apa2 sama sepa2..so, this one is on my watch list..hehehehe

adios amigos..To all the Wongs, Lees, Chongs..Leongs..Chees, Guis..in the world..I wish u a very happy chinese new year..

Gaya Street

Sent my friend to the airport this morning, I was pretty much still in my sleeping mode..I guess I've only slept for less than 3 hours..Well, after sending him to the airport, I don't know where else to go, going back home and continue sleeping was not the option..So, I went to the Sunday market in Gaya Street.. I knew, the traffic would be quite challenging for a short tempered person like me..hehehe..but, that was the whole point..Get stuck in the traffic jam, enjoy the joyride..There was nothing to rush..Just few things that I need to do, like..buy dog's food, send a document to a friend, buy new astro remote control..(thnks Rex, this is the fifth time you did it..)and then...ughhhh..nothing..I wish I could sleep like most people do on a Sunday..I just don't like sleeping, when this is the only day I can do stuffs that i love the most..jalan2 cari makan..ugh..not really..Sometimes I would rather stay at home and watch tv or play with the puppies..

Anyways..I took some pics while I was there..and yup..this is gonna be another pictoral entry..hehehe..

This place has shown a lot of improvements over the past years..I remember last time, when I was still small, I hate to go here..But, now..I love it..but to one particular section only..I'll tell you later...

I wasn't particularly looking for anything..

Ahaa...this is the section I love the most..forget about the others..whenever I came here, I will stop by and look at those cute puppies on sale..Ughh..Poor puppies..I know, some breeders don't really care about them, they just want the money out of selling these puppies..That why, I bought two puppies here..and they are good ones..Bobbi and Sisqo..Argh..Looking at them, i feel like buying another one..A white female puppy for sisqo..hehehe..Nay'..I can't afford another puppy in the house..the three boys are enough to give me headache and heart attack..hehehe..love them very much though..

and lastly..this is what you should do when you're stuck in the traffic jam..Don't curse, don't complain..relax..say cheese and smile..Click...hehehe..

I hope you have an enjoyable weekends..Looking forward for Chinese New Year..malas mau p keja ni bisuk..adios amigos..

Pangako Sayo...

Title: Pangako Sayo
Artist: Kristine Hermosa & Jericho Rozales

Noon akala ko
Ang wagas na pag-ibig
Ay sa nobela lang
At para bang kay hirap
Na paniwalaan

Ikaw, ikaw pala
Ang hinihintay kong pangarap
Ngayong kapiling ka
At tayo’y isa
Hindi ko hahayaan
Na sa atin ay may hahadlang

Pangako sa ‘yo
Ipaglalaban ko
Sa hirap at ginhawa
Ang ating pag-ibig
Upang ‘di magkalayo
Kailan man
‘Pagkat ang tulad mo
Ay minsan lang sa buhay ko…

For better or for worst
For richer or for poorer
In sickness and in health
Till death do us part

Upang ‘di magkalayo
Kailan man
‘Pagkat ang tulad mo
Ay minsan lang sa buhay ko…

Oh, lalala

Translatenya dlm bahasa English nopo nga...

Before I thought that forever love
can only be found in tv-dramas
And it's so hard to believe it.

You, it's you.
Is the dream I'm waiting for.
Now that your in my arms and we're one
I won't allow
anything get in our way.

I promise you, I'll fight for this (meaning love).
From hardship to comfort
is our love
So that we won't be far away
because someone like you
is only once in my life.

HAhahahaa...nagbibiro lang ako..hehehe..hindi ko alam pok ee...

the Graduation...


I was once a student, and I know how exactly my students felt yesterday when they received thier scrolls..It occurred to me when I finally graduated last time..The long and endless studies seemed to have evaporated and vanished in the haze..The day that I have been waiting for has finally came, and I was overwhelmed with joy..NOt because the "Game's over"..but, I was relieved, at least, all the hard work and endless nights of studying have been all paid for..


These were some of the graduating students of ATI yesterday..Somehow, I felt a bit proud..Deep in my heart, I said..these are my products..I hope, they will continue to strived and excell in their life..Ughkk..Emm, sound like a good teacher's talks..hehehe..Hey, I'm not bad, alright..I think, I'm doing well in teaching, eventhough this is not my dream job..


Happy faces..Some of them said, thank God, it has finally come to the end..What?? To the end of what? Learning?..Hey brother, you are wrong..Learning is a continuous process, this is only a stepping stone for you to achieve higher education levels..DOn't stop yet..(Yeah, I'm reminding myself..)

Then after that, the photography sessions..ughh..I could hardly stand being pulled here and there..talampau ramai yg mau bergambar ni..Leks la, susah mau bagi kasih sayang sama rata ni dalam masa2 camni..hehehehe..kidding...


and...this is also our time (lecturers) to showcase our best attitudes and attires..hemm...model wannabes..hehehe..Lek la ba kan..kami pun mau begaya juga skali skala..