when I'm feeling a bit Vain...

this is what a lonely and bored guy does..Ultimate boredom ni..I'm just trying out this outfit for our college graduation tomorrow..I hate dressing up like this..I don't feel comfortable..and it sure gonna be really hot tomorrow...argh..!!!Anyway, its a one day event only..nasib baik I don't have to wear like this to work everyday..That would be nothing but an eternal torment to me..hehehe





Classroom Events

I love my job, hehehe..especially today..Well, the best thing about being a lecturer in ATI is that, I can pretty much do whatever I want, and I've got to develop my subjects according to my desires..I mean, as long as it is related to the subject that I am teaching, why not?? and now, I should say, I'm becoming better..I can see that I'm improving..hahaha..wHO else will say that to me?? So I'm taking the honor of complimenting myself for the job well done..HAhaha..Pathetic..

Today, for my Recreation Tourism class, I'm throwing a simple birthday party for my students..Two of them are celebrating their birthday today, so instead of giving them a 2 hours lectures, we are going to celebrate their birthday..Huh..We have collected RM3 from each students, and that's still way below budget..I have to use my own expense..Duhhh!!! anyway, its only once in a while..Not a big deal..Don't get me wrong, this is one way to show them, that recreation activities come in various forms..and this one is, Passive indoor recreation..Hehehe..Brilliant..(Tau2 mau escape dari buat lectures..pandai2 cari makan maaa)..

I'll post some pics later..If there's any...

Here are the pics..taken by using my HP..

Only these ka sir?? Ya la..You only give me RM3..this one pun over budget ody..Huh...

that's the cake..Suprisingly, it tasted very nice..

The 2 students who are celebrating their birthday today..Happy Birthday!!! Close your eyes, make a wish...

My Recreation Tourism students..They are fun, participative and very jajal as well..

NOBoDy KnoWs iT BuT Me...

As I was updating my entry last night, suddenly this song was played on my online playlist..I stopped for a while, and suddenly, I felt like I'm missing something in life..and nobody knows it but me..This song reminds me of many things that have happened in my life, and it has never fail to trigger my innermost feeling..the most fragile part..and I became so emotional..Deiii..teruk..Nasib baik la sa layan jaa...

This is the song..I'm sure u know it too..


I pretend that I'm glad you went away
But these four walls close in more every day
And I'm dying inside and nobody knows it
But me
Like a clown I put on a show
The pain is real even if nobody knows
And I'm crying inside and nobody knows it
But me

Why didn't I say the things I needed to say
How could I let my angel get away
Now my world is tumblin' down
I can see it so clearly but you're nowhere around
The nights are lonely, the days are so sad
And I just keep thinkin' about the love that we had
And I'm missing you and nobody knows it but me

How blue can I get, you could ask my heart
Just like a jugsaw puzzle it's been torn all apart
A million words couldn't say just how I feel
A million years from now, you know, I'll be loving you still
The nights are lonely, the days are so sad
And I just keep thinkin' about the love that we had
And I'm missing you and nobody knows it but me

The nights are lonely, the days are so sad
And I just keep thinkin' about the love that we had
Nobody knows it but me

Keeping My Faith.....

One of the things I’m good at is planning...(yeah, I can see that smirk on your face) It comes naturally to me. You have a goal, so you develop a strategy and tactics to accomplish that goal. It’s simple. It is very easy to cope with.. Sure, surprises may come up, and things might turn the way around, and you see yourself drifting away from your original plan..but you deal with them along the way...as long as you have the plan, everything will be fine..It's like your guiding angel..it gives you a sense of direction..

The problem comes when you begin to realize you may have to abandon the plan because it’s not working. The long awaited thing you were hoping for just isn’t going to happen. I’m sure you can relate. It may not be the same set of circumstances that I’m facing, but in your life, there was probably a time when you realized a particular course of action wasn’t going to lead you anywhere. Whether it was pursuing a member of the opposite sex who had no interest in you, trying to become a professional athlete, a prayer that just never seemed to get answered, realizing you weren’t going to get rich by investing a ringgit or two in TOTO Mega Jackport..(Ughh..I've been buying it almost everytime if there's any draw..addicted)..dyou may have felt like it was time for you to give up on a certain goals, and just forget it, pretending that you have never have it coming in to you. But what happens when you do that? Where do you go next? Is there a place even? hehehe.. What do you do when that thing you thought would be so right turned out to be wrong?..Drop down and die? Run and hide away..? Why should you..if you do so, you've just turned yourself into a stupid pathetic idiot ever..

However, I feel frozen now at life’s metaphorical crossroads..I'm getting so many things in my mind, and I could not really sort them out in their respective catogeries.. I’m not entirely certain that I should abandon the old plan, and I have no idea what the new plan should be. I know God has a plan for me.. The problem is that I just don’t know what it is yet..Or maybe, I've neglected the "callings"..

During our church service of which I wholeheartedly joined 2 weeks ago, I felt like God was asking me to step out and take a leap of faith, to follow Him even though I don’t know where He’s going..When the Pastor asked, who wants to renew your faith, rise up?..I think, I was the one who stood up first.. Maybe it’s time to stop planning my life and let Him take the reins. For better or worse, maybe it’s time to stop trying to be in control. I’m not sure I’m ready, but maybe I need to relinquish control and follow Him blindly until the time is right and the next steps are revealed. As the Pastor said, sometimes you have to “break up” to “break out”.

My future may not turn out exactly the way I planned it, but that’s okay. God has given me so many blessings in life that I really can’t complain. I have the best in almost my everything.. How can I ask for more?

Speaking from the heart...

when there is nothing else to say..shut up..!! When there is nothing else to listen to, then what???!!! Life is more than saying mere words or listening to random talks..there are more to life than that..There are times when I just couldn't bear with human..it's not that I'm not one of them..I am, life, body and soul human..That makes me credible of judging and understanding other human behaviors..In reality, I really don't understand..To be frank and be truthful, I have stopped..I mean, I'm sick and tired of trying to understand why some people are behaving so and so..It's easier to look at myself and try to improve mine..coz I know, I'm just a little bit better than evil itself..So. bothering about others is so much a waste of time..and time is one of my scarcity..I'm not willing to invest in such a time consuming but worthless idiocy..Growing towards maturity has taught me lots about worldly things..Some, I regret of doing, some, I will surely cherished..and some, just vanished along the way, and that one could be the most precious one..I've lost it..I could never turn back time, and pick those missing pieces of my memories, and make things right..I'm wrong in the first place, why and what makes me think that I would make it better, or right?? even if I do it over again a thousand times, I wouldn't..I will quit the fight, I'll walk away, even if I'm gonna be called a loser, then what?? I'm old enough to think, and I'm not gonna dwell in sorrows and self pity..That's so not me..So, let bygone be bygone..

So people, lets live and be happy with whatever we have..a little something would be a consolation prize, and it should not be of your first priority..

Ja..mata kakimasu..

life is like that.....

Each of us is stuck being who we are. Sometimes we fight to change ourselves, but ultimately this has little effect. We can change what we do, but we cannot change who we are, and sad to say, human..they never get enough of everything..We always asl for more, and that is a curse that we have to bear..When we cannot get what we want, we tend to feel down, some get real depressed, and some even take the easy way and put life to an end..Thats stupid..

If you're a happy person, you don't feel trapped. If you're surrounded by people who you love and who love you, if you can do what you want to do in life, if you are at peace with who you are, then, you would not be in any trauma or problem.. You wouldn't want to change yourself, you wouldn't need to try..The question is, are you satisfied with your life?...Are you happy at all?..now, I doubt mine..

I am not a happy person. Maybe you're not either. Maybe you're too fat, or too thin, too old, or too young. Maybe you're ugly and nobody wants to sleep with you. Maybe everyone wants to sleep with you, but nobody loves you and it's all meaningless. Anyways, happiness doesn't mean having someone to sleep with..So you struggle with all these problems year after year, and you're getting nowhere, and you wonder if anything will ever change. And the unavoidable reality of it all is that, for you,
life sucks.

But of course you're not going to give up so easily, you're going to keep struggling to solve your problems, to change yourself, to find happiness, wherever it is, whatever it is. But still, life sucks. And you see all these people out there who are blissfully free of any problems, and if they can do it, there must be some way for you to as well. But they aren't doing you any good at all, they don't understand what it's like being you, and what good would it do you if they did understand?

I don't know how common this is, but for me, the main problem is that, I feel disconnected from everyone and everything. Is there any way to have meaning in our life when we are disconnected from everyone and everything? I don't think so..and so they say, life is like that......

Just random thoughts for the day..

thess pics make me happy...just by looking at them, I can ease all my sorrows..


music is my passion

On the surface, I appear very normal. However, beneath the skin lurks a mad man for musics..I'm not that fanatic though, I don't have any collection. I can honestly say I enjoy all music but rap and some jazz,and underground, drop dead hard rock musics.. I suppose if I were asked to pick one type of music you would force me to tell you 80's flash back. Yes, I love it and openly admit it..

I play a mixed variety of musical instruments..but, guitar and piano are my favorite..As I was driving to the office this morning, suddenly it came across my mind of this instrumental music "Bumble Bee"..Ooh..I love the way maksim plays it, but, I wanna show you this one, I found from the Youtube, and it has inspired me to practice more...yeah, I always say that..Well peeps, enjoy this...

Flight of the Bumble Bee By Jose Feliciano (Guitar)

duhhh..Lupa oo...

Teaching has been a journey of learning. Learning how to teach, learning how to deal with students and to love them (emm, I've never did love them, it's something that I'm still not capable of doing), learning how to be thick-skinned and ask lots of questions from senior teachers..Special thanks goes to all my senior colleagues who have been very helpful.. It is tiring but an exciting journey nonetheless. I am learning so much... and God has been so good.. He makes me understand things that are beyond my knowledge,and He has been always there for me when I'm down and discouraged..

This morning I was itching to get here and post. There were things I wanted to say, things that seemed exciting at the time and somehow meaningful in the scheme of my life.

Now, I’ve forgotten what was so big and important that it simply had to be posted here..Ughh..Gosh..am I getting that old??emm..I'm sure it will come back later..I hope..For the time being, I will leave you with this entry only..

Rexton James the Golden Retriever


Now he's slightly over weight..ughh..just slightly ya..but, he is still very adorable..still have his puppy cuteness..Sometimes I just couldn't help disturbing him from his sleep, sangaaaaaaaaaaat cute bah..next time sa amik gambar masa dia tidur alright...

Oh Darling - The Beatles


Who doesn't like the Beatles? He must be...nuts..This is absolutely one of their best number, and on of my favourite songs as well..The lyric is very simple..Unlike some of their songs, this one makes sense..its to the point and theres not much to the lyrics, but the beauty of the song shines when actually played..

Oh! Darling

Oh! Darling, please believe me
I'll never do you no harm
Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you no harm

Oh! Darling, if you leave me
I'll never make it alone
Believe me when I beg you
Don't ever leave me alone

When you told me you didn't need me anymore
Well you know I nearly broke down and cried
When you told me you didn't need me anymore
Well you know I nearly broke down and died

Oh! Darling, if you leave me
I'll never make it alone
Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you no harm

When you told me you didn't need me anymore
Well you know I nearly broke down and cried
When you told me you didn't need me anymore
Well you know I nearly broke down and died

Oh! Darling, please believe me
I'll never let you down
Believe me when I tell you
I'll never do you no harm

I've been listening to this song since I came in to the office this morning, and my colleague next table starts to get heart attack..Emm, If this beautiful song could do that, I should not feel guilty..means I don't have to do much..Haha..Evil me.. can't help it, its like an addiction..hehehe..Ever since I heard Junior sang this song last week, it has been playing in my mind..Thanks to the beatles for singing such a beautiful song like this...

more ramblings

Hey... let's face it, whether we run or are waiting for something, aren't we all often missing "more time" to do "more things"? I always find myself running out of time,even after I have planned things carefully..and I often find myself doing nothing satisfying..I'm not complaining here, afterall, I make my own rules, no one should be judging me..O well, you can judge me, by all means..But, you're gonna see my "do I look like I care?" face..Yeah, I could be as ignorant as any cold hearted bastard you could ever find on this planet earth..

I know I left my blog a little bit on the side (sometimes) as life has pushed me into running a lot lately. Nevertheless, I still believe in blogging very much and will soon post again..like I've never done before..This is a beggining.. I would like my blog to take a new fresh "turn", which is also why I need some time.

I'm sure more will come out of it... more ideas, more links, more examples and success stories. This is the beginning of a new way to connect our brains intuitively but with a new ability to gather and focus... to feed ideas and make them grow like never before. ..sounds so ambitious, right..we'll see..

Aight..i'll be back soon..

Monday Thoughts

hey you out there, Good people..Happy day to all of you..

I've been blogging and writting all sorts of topics previously, and seriously, nothing serious about them..I thought, by expressing my feelings through blogging would somehow inspire other people, and would actually help me to increase my words power..Somehow, in some sense, I guess I've done less than 'inspiring'..basically, I write about things randomly, that's why it is call My Random Thoughts..I realized something, since I start doing this blogging thingy, I feel as though I have a responsibility to response or to update my blog post frequently..Well, I guess its okay, I do it at my own pace, and it has nothing to do with 'obligation'..

Days have come and gone and 2008 would soon be over without we realizing it..I have nothing to really profound to say that I have not said before. So let me get to the point, as I follow the people who write about their past and upcoming events, life, especially mine has been filled with ups and downs, tons of work and travel and lots and lots of laughs, creativity, love and fun. This new year I do not have any specific resolutions. Rather it is more of an abstract concept, which is to continue living and exploring my creative consciousness. I already feel very connected with life and I feel that good things are around the corner - even if that corner takes up the entire year..You wouldn't know what is in store for you.. It could mean something totally different from the previous years, there's no time for self-pity.. Having achieved that to a satisfying point I am ready for my new adventures..

Over a year ago I was somewhat content with my life. Today, for the most part I am, but I recognize that there is an urge for a change. The process for that is already in motion as I explore other work opportunities and make a leap to live on my own (away from my parents)..It’s a feeling too familiar to me, reminding me of the days growing up and going through certain adolescent and young adult anguishes.

Socrates’ famous quote (yeah, as if I really read Socreates', anyways, this one is really motivating..) “An unexamined life is not worth living” holds some revealing truth. I only say some because, in my head, what and who’s life and how far should I examine? Why should I care in intense detail the complexities of how society is being “brain washed” by media and marketing campaigns? What benefit does it offer to my own personal life?

I admit I play the selfish card. Perhaps I play the ignorant card as well. If I feel it is important to the quality of my life at that very moment then I will analyze it. But if, on the whole, I am trying to examine the general socio behaviors of thousands of people, I’ve got to seriously ask myself, WHY?..coz I really don't give a damn..

I have to believe that I see my own world as I choose and know that my life is just a tiny microcosm of something bigger..(yeah, I couldn't stop wondering, what has the Master planned for me..).. I can’t concern myself with everyone’s else, especially when I don’t have the answer to change. I can only change to better myself and hope that one, two, or thousands will learn or want to experience their lives by my example. So I must stop losing myself and just live. It’s my only chance at true happiness.

- tapus na -

Buhay ko para sayo...

weekend ramblings

I went to church this morning..It is a new church in Bukit Padang..emm, it has been a while since I didn't go to church..(my own church the SDA church..) and I'm so proud of myself..Usually, my mum or dad will wake me up on Saturday morning and ask me to go to church, but not today..and for the record, I stayed until the service ended, I've never been so patient like this before, usually I will leave right after the sermon starts..

I've been doing things which are against the teaching of my religion and I feel I'm so far away from the Father..But, the pastor who delivered the sermon today said " God doesn't listen to specific group of people only, but He attends to everyone, regardless of who they are, and how sinned they have been..Somehow, it has given me a sense of relief and I was so touched when we sang the church hymnals in harmony..I was in His holy temple, and I feel so close to HIM..

As I was driving home, I have a moment to think of how far I have drifted away..and I could swear, it made me feel like crying..I sms'ed my dad, and told him, I went to church, and he couldn't sound more happier..I am as sinful as could be, but I still have Him in my heart..Lord be with me, and to all of us..sinful beings..

Happy Sabbath...

Boring la pulok............

aduiii...Ku ingat kalau teda class ni best la kunun..tapi, best yang ku ingat sampai ke petang, rupa2nya aku boring setengah mati di tengahari..Sudah la ofis ni sejuk cam di kutub utara..Ngantuk, and lapar silih berganti, huh....Lecturer yang lain smua ada kelas, aku sndri2 ja la di ofis..Ish..nda la ku mau cam ni ari2..At least ada 1 kelas la yang 1 jam ja..baru la best mengkali..Ni la lumrah alam, dan sifat manusia sebenar..nda la penah puas hati ngan apa yang dorang ada..termasuk aku la tu..Ciss..

Jadi, sepanjang masa, aku cuba2 belajar camna dorang edit gambar ngan menggunakan photoshop..Ni pun susah..Kalau ada sigu yg ajar, maybe it would be easier la..ni aku blajar sndri2..tapi, buli2 la..Photobucket

Aah, skg ni, dorang mula sudah ngan aktiviti dorang, tapi hari ni, dorang sibuk pasal lelong.com.my..Beli barang online..waa..ada kemajuan..Skali skala tu aku menyampuk juga, mcm aku pun mau cuba2 beli barang..tapi nda mau menyibuk..Ego juga aku ni oo..tapi, suka ati ku la kan..hehehe..

Ok la, tinggal tunggu masa ja mau balik ni..nda sabar mau balik, pastu pi bersukan lagi..yeah..aku memblog lagi bila aku ada bahan cerita yg hebat ya..babai smua..Selamat ujung minggu dan buat la benda2 yang berfaedah ye..

happy Friday........

Happy Friday to everyone..I wish you a wonderful day ahead..Ooo..It's Friday, the best weekday for me..Today I don't have any lecture..So, I'll be in my office doing the thing I love the best.."Interneting" haha..I wish there is such a word..Well, actually I have Business Travel Operation class today with the Higher Diploma Student(Supposedly) but then, there is only one student to teach, and I don't find it comfortable teaching only one student..I feel as if I'm standing naked in front of him..So, I let him to do his Self Study..Give him more assignments and project papers..He will be seeing me only once in 2 weeks for consultations..Aagh..This is like the best thing that happen to me this semester..I love my job very much..hehehe..

This semester, not like the previous one, I was given subjects of my favourite..I could not ask for more, and my scheduled has been revised and now I have more free time than I could ever imagine..God has always been kind to me..One of my colleagues said, I'm a lazy person, but I have always been lucky.. I was like..WHATTTTT??? what ever that means, it has nothing to do with luck..Duhhh...I believe, everything happens for a reason, there is no such thing as by chance of good luck..

Hey, do you realize something..? it's already 17th of Jan 2008..wow, time pass by so fast, right..Getting older is crazy to think about..but, altogether college has given me a great new experience..I would cherish this moment, while I'm still here..This is the place which has taught me to control my anger, eventhough, sometimes, I just could not hold it..but, hey..I'm better now..

Anyway, I hope your plan goes well as you want it to be..remember, you are just as great as any one else in this planet earth, and you can choose whether to strive or to quit the fight..Have a nice day peeps..ciao amigos.


I just got back from a tiring exercise..Balik rumah ja trus macam mau tidur..Tapi, bilang mama ku, kalau lepas main, jan nda mandi nanti ada panau..Tapi si Gidong juga la yang hebat di gelanggang tenis..Sekali tingu mcm Andre Agassi pun ada juga Photobucket tapi versi yg kena langgar lori DBKK..opss..Sorry aa..just kidding maa Gids..Baru 2 kali pegang raket tenis, trus mcm hebat sudah dia (bilang si Gidong la)...emm..Bagus..Tingkatkan usaha, nanti mau kasi kalah si Roger (in your dream, and my dream too,hahaha)..

Tiba2, ku minat pulak mau main tenis ni..Walaupun cara bermain lebih kurang main badminton, tapi rupa2nya bukan senang mau pukul tu bola kalau nda pandai..Tapi nda pa..Budak baru belajar musti rajin2 turun gelanggang, walaupun nda bayar tu gelanggang..Sepa suruh dorang pasang lampu, pastu kasi biar tu court kosong..Naaa..Si dua butak sama si satu ada rambut pi la curi2 main..Main punya main, nda sedar mau pukul 9.30 sudah..Kesiukan butul la mangkali tu..

Ok la, nanti kalau kami hebat sudah bermain tenis,nanti ku update lagi aa..terutama skali perkembangan si Gidong..Jadi macam bahan uji kaji la pulak..and sepa2 rasa mau bermain badminton atau tenis (yg baru belajar main ja aa) join la kami main..Kalau mau jogging dulu, ada kawan juga..si Jer..Pusing tu tasik 5 round baru pi main badminton or tenis (oo I'll pass that one)..Patut la si kawan lose few KGs sudah..aku juga la yg smakin montel..nda pa..yg penting hati ku gumbira (sambil bersiul keriangan)..

alright..rather than to continue with my stupid ramblings bagus sa p tidur..besok teda lecture..so I can continue blogging tomorrow..Matulog na ako..Magkita pa tayo bukas aa..adios amigos..

Till I MeT You..........

It has been a busy day for me today..I have no class in the morning, but I have to submit my exam papers for this semester, and today is the last day of submission..Well, I managed to get everything done..Anyway, I'm not going to tell what I have done, and haven't done today, It's the 'till I met you' that I wanna share with you..

Well, last night I watched this movie..It's actually a Pinoy movie..(Tagalog)..Uhh..I love watching tagalog movies a lot..It's like an addiction..I used to buy Tagalog CDs last time, but now Kirana shows tagalog movies sometimes, so I hit a jackpot last night when this Tagalog movie was shown on TV..I was about to fall asleep, but for the love of Tagalog Movies I was awakened..

This is how the story goes..It was indeed a beautiful love stories, and..ya, I am mostly attracted to the language itself..I didn't put on the subtitle, and suprisingly, I could actually understand it..tutoo naman ito..Hindi ako sinugaling..hehehe..(its true, I'm not lying).. Luisa, a beautiful lady from the village..She has a tough childhood...Her father ran away with a rich woman from the city, and her mother died of grief..When she grew up, she became so ambitious..and she was determined to change her life, even if it means she has to cheat to get what she wants..

Being beautiful..ooo she really is beautiful..Maganda siya isang babaie..She became so popular and famous among all the men around town..and apparently, she fell in love with an old men, well actually, not with the old men, but with his wealth..and She was willing to marry him, for his money and possessions will be hers. To make the story short, the old men has never married before, and he has adopted a son (a good looking one)to help him to manage the 'hasienda'..(a big house in the country)..This young man, Gabriel, has a tough childhood too, he was abandoned by his mother while he was a small boy..He knew that LUisa was planning a trick on his master, so he tried to stop her..

In his attempt to do so, accidentally, he fell in love with Luisa, who was actually enggaged to his master (father)..and so did Luisa..When she met Gabriel, she suddenly realized that, life is not all about getting rich and wealth..and that being in love is the ultimate happiness one can get..As the wedding is fast approaching..Gabriel became more restless, because, he was losing the love of his life...Luisa on the other hand, was trying to tell Don Manuel, that she is in love with someone else, and that, she could not proceed with the wedding..

Ooo you have to watch this yourself, then you can tell how stupid and how crazy we can turn to be because of love..

random ramblings.....

My classes start today, I can say, I'm quite prepared for my classes..But, the only problem is, the student's notes are not ready yet..As I went in to my first class this morning, all the eyes were staring at me, as if they have never met me before..Ok ok..Ya i know, I promise them, their notes will be given to today, but...It's totally out of my control, I have submitted the notes to the finance department for photocopy, and it's not done yet..Be patient students...Well, actually it was a good sign, they are eager to start, and they are ready for my subjects..Wait, it's only the introduction chapter today..hehehe

Well, I have nothing much to say..I hope I will be able to turn my plans into reality this semester..If not..Then, I have Plan B..yeah, nothing sounds more official than having Plan B, when the initial plan can't be achieved..hehehe..

Peeps, I have to go for my Recreation Tourism class now..I'll try to come up with something interesting when I get back from my class..(I lied...) hehehehe..

Adios amigos..

New Semester

the new semester has started, and everyone else is busy, except the one and only me..Yeah, I couldn't be bothered with whatever the other colleagues are doing..Probably they are just busy on nothing..hehehe..Well, I have a long list of things to do, and I am actually doing them one by one, my own way, the "Slow loris way" if you know what I mean..hehehe..I have planned few things of which I think would be interesting for me and the students this semester..Rather than to be confined to the classroom lectures all the time, I would bring them to lots of trips and fieldworks..by doing so, I won't have to be in for most of the time..Brilliant..Definitely will get these done..

When everyone is so excited to start with their classes, I'm still a little bit laid back..No rush people, it's gonna be a long semester, anyway..But..I need to settle everything before next week..I mean, I still have some works in progress..and then I realize, I'm still being the old me..Lazy and hard headed..Wait..is this listed in my new resolution?..I'll check it shortly..I don't remember saying, I would be productive this semester, did I? hemmm..I love contemplating with myself..hehehe..

I hope this new year would bring more happiness and blessings in my life..happiness and blessings won't come easily, unless I look for it..Blessed be the son of Adam, for he is trying his very hard to be a good person..ughh..New semester, New year, an old self..hope there would be some changes as we go on to February..(hehehe...damn me..)

H@Ri Frid@Y y@nG BOrIngggggg....

Hey guys...hari ni boleh saya katakan hari yang paling bosan dalam hidup..Maha bosan la..Awal2 pagi lagi sudah ku memaki hamun..ishh..teruk la cam ni, bilang azam baru mau jadi budak baik, tapi..sesungguhnya aku hanya insan besa, teda beda dari insan2 berdosa yg lainnya..(sorry la, sa terpaksa mention kamurang ramai2, supaya sa nda rasa sa yg paling teruk..huhuhu)..Jap,napa jua ku mau tension2 ni ari Friday ni...? Bilang ada org yg membuli, teda juga..bilang ada masalah percintaan nda juga, masalah jerawat?? nda mungkin, tingu pipi ku..licin kan..(la mangkali)Datang bulan? Gila ka hapa, mana dia mau kuar tu...??? ish..Ternyata sa tension yg teda2 la ni..besalah, ndakan hari2 ceria..Musti ada 1 hari dalam hidup kita when we feel so down and tidak ada mood mau buat apa2 jua skalipun...

Untuk cuba menghilangkan rasa boring dan tension yg semakin menggila dalam jiwa ku, sa cuba2 la buat Course Outlines for my students..Yelah, semester baru kan, smua mau kasi sedia tuk budak2 tu..ish ish..Ni la ba yg aku boring juga ni..Paling la ku malas mau membikin ni outline..Banyak ba pulak subjek ku mau ajar ni Semester ni..Kadang2 cam nda adil plak ku rasa..Lecturer yg lain2 ada 3 subjek ja, paling banyak 4, napa kunun ku kana kasi 7 subjek..Awas la dorang, kalau dorang kasi bising2 sa lagi, sa bakar lubang idung dorang tanpa rasa segan,pastu sa akan berlalu pergi macam la teda penah berlaku apa2..emmm...(azam baru lagi...)

Nasib baik la juga ni ari Friday, maksudnya bisuk ku nda payah keja, pastu malam ni buli la ku pi kuar minum teh halia kegemaran ku(sejak bila ya sa suka minum teh halia ni,emmm)..emm, bisuk ku kena balik kg lagi..Bilang bapa ku ada makan2 di rumah, sempena hari pertunangan abang ku..Mesti la ku mau pulang..bukan selalu kami ada masa mau berkumpul full set ni..dari sekolah menengah lagi, sampai la skg, slalu kurang ahli..kalau sa ada, musti si abang ku teda, or si Ester adik ku ndada..Tapi ni kali, smua kunun kami ada, pastu kesukaan la bapa ku mau buat makan2 di rumah..bagus juga la..really looking forward for tomorrow..and bisuk malam, adik ku mau balik sudah p UKM..mcm bertahun tahun sudah dia di sana tu..ku ingat dia masih belajar, rupa2nya bilang bapa ku, dia berkerja sudah sambil buat PhDnya di UKM juga...oOOOOOOOO ketinggalan tul aku ni..tu lah, lama betul nda jumpa sampai ku ingat aku sorang ja anak bapa dan mama ku..Sorry aa..Pasensyahan na..Hindi ku sinasaja..hehehe

Sikijap lagi mau sudah ku pulang rumah, mau abis masa sudah ku di ofis ni..Yg bagusnya ni ofis, ngam2 pukul 5 mesti smua mau punch out, sbb tu Datuk yg punya ni College dia nda suka membazir duit bayar karan, bagus juga la..(kedekut tul tu org tua tu..)..Jadi kawan2 ku yg lain, sibuk sudah mengumpat, aktiviti harian dorang ba tu..Setiap hari start kul 4, kadang2 awal lagi..dorang start sudah mengumpat..mula2 dorang cerita pasal makanan, pastu bila smua orang teliur liur sudah, ada la satu orang yg disuruh pigi mambali pisang goreng di restoran mbak..(nanti ku cerita keistemewaan restoran mbak ni dalam pandangan mata ku..)pastu sambil makan pisang goreng and minum2 kupi, dorang mula mengumpat..best kan hidup dorang..aku kadang2 menyampuk juga, tapi, slalu nya aku cuma duduk di meja ku, pi makan pisang pastu buat keja ku..la la la la..

Oklah..macam aku teda masa sudah ni mau tulis panjang2 lagi..nanti ku sambung bila aku ada masa lapang ya..Slamat ujung minggu ya..Kalau ada kesilapan tatabahasa, ataupun spelling..maaf ya..


It's only 2nd Jan.2008, and the year is very new still..You can smell it..(yeah, it smells of nasty alcohol..hehehe)..How fast time goes by, and without we realizing it, soon it's gonna be another new year again (well, that doesn't come in any time sooner of course..) When I reached the office today, everyone was very cheerful, as if they have won the 16million TOTO Jackpot, damn..I should be the one who wins it..hehehe..Anyway, that's good..I mean, what better way to start the new year than a hearty laugh..(I can't believe that I'm actually saying this..Am I getting older? emmm..)and I could not stop myself from being entertained by their jesters about new year's resolutions..Yeah, I think, new resolutions are something to joke about only, and no one really willing to commit themselves in fulfulling them..Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is part of the cycle..hehe..Sacarstic as it may sound, but..am I not right?..

Well, anyway..Cheers to the New Year, and thank God..it's another year to make it right..Whatever you think might not be pleasing last year, now you have a whole new year to start making things right..(Yeah, I can see myself doing it right this year..emmm...yeah..)I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me..What I actually have are 'Target for the New Year'..(correction for the previous entry on - Last Day of 2007)..Well, don't mind me, I like to make myself confuse..It's obvious that, I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit rounder, but still none the richer, hehehehe..But, I'm happy with my life..

Alight, I will end my entry today, with some highlights of 2007 that has marked significant impacts to my life..Hehehe...Kidding..