weekend ramblings

I went to church this morning..It is a new church in Bukit Padang..emm, it has been a while since I didn't go to church..(my own church the SDA church..) and I'm so proud of myself..Usually, my mum or dad will wake me up on Saturday morning and ask me to go to church, but not today..and for the record, I stayed until the service ended, I've never been so patient like this before, usually I will leave right after the sermon starts..

I've been doing things which are against the teaching of my religion and I feel I'm so far away from the Father..But, the pastor who delivered the sermon today said " God doesn't listen to specific group of people only, but He attends to everyone, regardless of who they are, and how sinned they have been..Somehow, it has given me a sense of relief and I was so touched when we sang the church hymnals in harmony..I was in His holy temple, and I feel so close to HIM..

As I was driving home, I have a moment to think of how far I have drifted away..and I could swear, it made me feel like crying..I sms'ed my dad, and told him, I went to church, and he couldn't sound more happier..I am as sinful as could be, but I still have Him in my heart..Lord be with me, and to all of us..sinful beings..

Happy Sabbath...


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