Some of the O2C members were in Kiulu over the past weekend..Thanks to everyone for their commitment..Many things happened..bitter sweet memories..Things that put our friendship to a test..well, it has passed..and we glad that we had the outing..I don't wish to explain further on this..Thanks to Sabas for organizing the trip and for the accommodation..I guess, it was another great and successful outing...right?

Well, the best part was..we had this, raya photoshoot..hehehe..The setting was nice..Outdoor photoshoot..Everyone got crazy..It was funny to see, how some of us put some extra efforts to look better for the photoshoot session...Before you get mistaken, we don't hire any professional photographer..It was only among us..Junior and I were the photographers..The outcome..not that bad..really...hehehe...

See them for yourself ya...

on a sad tone...My Grandpa passed away yesterday morning when I was still in Kiulu with the O2C..I was really shocked, but it was actually expected..Ever since my grandma passed away, he has always been sick..Thanks to the O2C members for coming with me to see my grandpa..I'm going back shortly to be with the rest of my family members...Seeing people crying, especially my mum is really heart breaking..I hope there'll be no more crying..The funeral is going to be tomorrow.. Tama (that' what I called my grandpa) You will be sadly missed by everyone...

Defoo @ Jade....BBKK

I went out to this new place last night..Jade...Well, emm..It's not actually new, if you have never heard of Jade before, you might probably remember Stadium..Nope, I wasn't talking about our "famous" Stadium Likas here..I'm talking about the Upperstar-like cafe in Api2 Centre where people would normally chill out to watch football match, or simply hang around after works..Yup, it was Stadium before and now, with the new bosses, they have changed the name to Jade...

After turning off few invitations from a good friend, Alice a.k.a Alus, at last, I went there last night..Well, if it wasn't for Alvin my colleague who was desperately needing a drinking companion (ok, I made it up..joke lang aa..hehehe), I would never know when I will ever go to Jade...Anyway, Jade is a nice place to be, I remember going there once when it was still Stadium..and I don't actually remember how it looked like..When I reached Jade last night..there a few faces that I could imediately recognize..of course la, my colleague Alvin and Alice..hehe..It's a cafe and also a cozy neighborhood bar by night...The ambience is just nice..and soothing music played all night through with 2 big tv screens for those who want to watch football match...The wild pink colored toilet's walls is a standout..hehehe

When I stepped in, there were only few occupied tables..I guessed, it was Thursday night and there was no football match..That explained why Jade was quiet last night..Ow...hey, if you're running out of cash by mid of the month and are craving for some cold beers, you should go to Jade..A set of Tiger beers is incredibly reasonably priced..RM21..I think that's the cheapest you can get around town this time around, ya?...I quite like the place, not like some typical noisy bars or cafes where you have to shout when talking to your friends..I really deserve to get free drinks the next time I go there for doing free advertisement and promo here..hehe..

Alvin left after our 2nd set of beers, thankfully, Lumis and Sumpit came earlier..So we stayed for a little while more...If they didn't, I would have been very quiet..yeah, what to do..I'm a shy guy maa...Hahaha..Kavagu...The highlight for the night was the appearance of Defoo in Jade..Defoo a.k.a Alvin..the sabahan born singer of the group Infinitez..(Gangstarz) was in Jade last night to pass the BBKK shirt to Alice...and we managed to have a short photography session with this kind, humble and friendly artist...The best thing was, hehehe..let me laugh first...when Defoo came, the first thing he said was.."ni si Mesh ni kan?", how come he knew me and I didn't know him...hehehe (perasan tahap dewa ni..hehehe)..and he was supposed to meet Alice, looked like..we were the one who were more excited..sorry Alus, but you got your BBKK shirt already, right? ..hehe...

I was bored..and I started taking pics of everything..hehehe..

Tiger Beer...(macam la kamu nda tau kan..haha)
Mandak Lumis...
Alice...thanks for the chicken wings time again la..hehe
Guess whose finger is that...ada diamond la..hehehe
Alving, Lumis and Sumpit with Alice interframing at the back..
Dorang lagi...haiya...
Kestau mummy ko aa..
Defoo a.k.a Alvin - Infinitez
with Defoo
waaa...Defoo and Lumis...
Thanks a pit ko ambil ni gambar..hehehe

Yup..that's all for today...Have a wonderful weekends ahead...and emm, do you know that, if you always check out one particular blog even without logging in your password and if you don't want that person to know that you're reading or maybe simply checking out his blog..Blogspot has came up with a new feature..The Blog Follower(s) will be notified as "Follower"..and the owner of the blog can actually find out it comes from which blog or site..coolness kan...I love blogspot..ahakss....


ni la yg sa buli post ni hari...

DaNieL LeNNox has joined the conference.

tompok susan has joined the conference.

ivenz has joined the conference.

Jose Semana JR has joined the conference.

Jose Semana JR: derma beribu kah ni??? waaahhh.. sapa tu..kita misti sembah kaki
Mesh: perasan ko ni ivenz
ivenz: kasi BUNGA2 CINTA lagi
garfield cute: kenapa sa inda nampak apa2 niiiiiiiiiiii kamu ada beserita juga ka ni
DaNieL LeNNox: Kapten bagus kita sembah Tuhan Yang Mulia ... amin
Jose Semana JR: Amin
ivenz: lepas tu resit kita kaler pink
DaNieL LeNNox: budunya c ps
Jose Semana JR: cSumpit..butuklkah ni?
DaNieL LeNNox: mau p kincing lu lah .... hahahaha
Jose Semana JR:
garfield cute has left the conference.

olumis99: sy rasa resit bkn ahli bagus jga...sbg tanda appreciation
Jose Semana JR: butul..oopssbkn butukah
olumis99: kavagu lah
olumis99: sbb ramai ni interested mau join
ivenz: sesama ahli
garfield cute has joined the conference.

garfield cute: na na sa sakap sorang2 lagi ka ni
Jose Semana JR: Baiklah...Seksiteri tulung ambik borang di ROC
olumis99: ko nampakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk sdh ka ps?
Jose Semana JR: kita misti register kumpulan kita ni..
garfield cute: bedusa ka sa ni inda nampak apa2
Jose Semana JR: Mesh tahu tu..mesh..
olumis99: c ps mc nda nampak
olumis99: c mesh tu kan seksiteri?
olumis99: fewit
nel nel: ada org nampak sy ka
olumis99: nel..sansut ko pun nampak
Mesh: sa tau sa tua
Clarice: sy baca ja lah pa kamu type ahh
DaNieL LeNNox: tuk oi
Jose Semana JR: seksateri adalah... c Nel barulah ...
nel nel:
Clarice: sy byk keja oo
nel nel: apa warna sansut sy klu ko nampak
DaNieL LeNNox has left the conference.

Mesh: sama la kita claire
olumis99: mesh apa yg tua
garfield cute: munyit siul siul sama babi - << mengurat la ni
Mesh: kasi biar dulu dorang bincang
olumis99: transparent nel
nel nel: adaka sy menyeksakan wahai junior ku
Clarice: sy susun dulu duit sy, bertaburan d meja
nel nel: salah lumis..ko kana danda susi sansut sy 1 minggu
DaNieL LeNNox has joined the conference.
Clarice: mesh sy kasi kuyak skit lah tu rm10
Mesh: tap tap tap
garfield cute:
Mesh: sa mula dgn magunatip ni
olumis99: oooo pepellllll
Clarice: sy lumpat2 dah
Mesh: turus sa ilang jap besigup
Mesh: hahaha
Mesh: testis nu idong
olumis99: ehem mengumumkan pasangan pengantin akan menari..sila beri laluan cla ma mesh....
olumis99: ps ..gdong kawin jga ...sama2 nda nampak
garfield cute: ehh sa nampak sa nampak ba
Jose Semana JR: waaahhhh...!!! kan
Clarice: aiyaaa...lumis c mesh p monigup ooo
garfield cute:
Clarice: sy menari sorang lah
Jose Semana JR: kamu mau story hangat??
Jose Semana JR: pasal gidong & PS
Jose Semana JR: hah...
Clarice: mau!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jose Semana JR:
garfield cute: stori la
garfield cute: sa inda sabar ni
DaNieL LeNNox: tulisan c cla mcm kabur2 o .. kin sakit mata nih
garfield cute: cerita scandal yg hangat2
Jose Semana JR: wakakkaaa....nda mau lah..
Jose Semana JR: nanti PSmarah..
olumis99: hyaaa pnya pengantin lelaki
garfield cute: aik
Clarice: gitung...yg penting c mesh nmpk pa sy taip...
garfield cute: napa sa teda cerita scandal ni
garfield cute: junio cerita la
Jose Semana JR: pasal PS tidur atas paha c gidong..dulu2tu...
olumis99: ada ba mandak ps...
DaNieL LeNNox: tuk oi junio
olumis99: turus jr???
DaNieL LeNNox: Amin
Jose Semana JR: trus gidong .....
garfield cute: kasi jadi la sa artis satu hari ba
garfield cute:
Jose Semana JR: c gidong trus....pigang2 rambut PS
nel nel: sy sama jr pun kawin juga ni..
olumis99: belai2 kah?
Jose Semana JR: eeeee....mcm drama TV3 jam 7
olumis99: kenapa nel ko kwan ttiba ma jr
Jose Semana JR: belaian jiwa..
garfield cute: uiyooo pandai pula sa buat cam tu kan
DaNieL LeNNox:
garfield cute: lagilagi
Jose Semana JR:
olumis99: ko pun tido atas paha jr ka nel? ni drama sina ni
garfield cute:
Jose Semana JR: Trus....JR kantut bau durian..
garfield cute: iskkk kasi abis lu cerita sa bah
Jose Semana JR: trus PS bangun
olumis99: alalalaa
Jose Semana JR: story nilepas balik dr Tenom..naaahhh..
Jose Semana JR:
garfield cute:
olumis99: itu jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kah??????
Clarice: MESHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jose Semana JR: Sy rasa dorang 2 ni dlmdiam
garfield cute: rumantik ka kami
garfield cute: ada urg tiragan ka junio
olumis99: nel..nnt ko kc kluar balik ceta ko sana k
Jose Semana JR: dlam diam ada perasaan ni..
Mesh: ya saya
Mesh: aku di sini slalu
Mesh: tadi di luar la
garfield cute: junio sakap pala2 ti si tompok marah sa
tompok susan: ba FYI...kawan kita si UGie baru mentranfer RM100 p bank dia blg kalo kita buat tu lawatan dia pun mo join...kalo dia ada kk la time tu
Jose Semana JR:
ivenz has left the conference.

olumis99: ba perhatina...bagi laluan, pengantin mesh ma cla mau sumayau
Mesh: Ugie si Gay Leona ka?
DaNieL LeNNox: GOD BLESS UGIE .......... AMIN ............
Clarice: BYE2\
Jose Semana JR: otukoi!!!.. Tompk..sapa ugie tu?Lawyer?doktor? enjineer?
Mesh: byeeeeeeeeeeeeee claire
olumis99: ptg badminton
olumis99: ada sana fb tu c ugie jr...
olumis99: cute sweettt
Mesh: si gay leona kaitu lumis
olumis99: cla......badminton ni sy tau ko takut turun
Jose Semana JR: bf c tompok?? APA!!!????
garfield cute: kasi abis ba tu sorita junio
Mesh: waaaaaaa...bagusnya si Ugie
Mesh: naa kan kalau kita sudah register ni, buli kita cari sponsor sudah
Mesh: tu la kita mesti mau buat Mission and Vission
Mesh: and objectives of the club
garfield cute: sian cerita sa teda penghujung
garfield cute: apa la kesudahan sorita sa ni
Mesh: supaya kita tidak di label sbg club org mabuk2an
olumis99: IYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA mesh dia la tu
Mesh: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Clarice: VISION 1 S JA LA
garfield cute: atuk marah ka tu basar juga
Mesh: tu la
Mesh: bilang cukup bulan
tompok susan: atukoi napa sy mo marah???
olumis99: sy takut c mesh nda nampak bis da bz menari ma cla
Mesh: atau datang bulan ni?
Mesh: kan lumis
Mesh: hahaha
garfield cute:
tompok susan: si ugie aka Gay leona Peter
Mesh: ok sa kanal tu
Mesh: dia di labuan tu kan
DaNieL LeNNox: Ya saya BENCI kalau takat d label KELAB MABUK2AN
olumis99: sukaaaa ati sy merah ka ijau kah blu kah
olumis99: yaa mtb lbn
nel nel: sy ketinggalan keretapi..
nel nel: kamu ceta la..
garfield cute: biar la durang pikir cam tu bukti kita kukuh ba dalam blog kita bukan mabukan sepa ckp tu mmg jelos he he
olumis99: spa mabuk gidong?
DaNieL LeNNox: Wah buli masuk BIG GIVE dah kita ni hahahaha
Mesh: kalau ada sudah rm100...
Mesh: means we could give more than rm200
Mesh: yeassssss
nel nel: waaaa.....ilabiu sama gay
Mesh: jan kacau tu gigi ko nanti nda jadi tu
nel nel: mesh tadi sakap dia mau bgi rm150
Clarice: =OUT ... SERVER ROOM=
olumis99: nel gay?
nel nel: gay leona
garfield cute: waaaaaa ilap u mesh baiknya hati RM150 naaa ambil ni gapus
olumis99: sy seadanya..seikhlas hati sy ....
Mesh: nel,mmg niat sa mau bagi smua gaji sa ni nanti
ivenz has joined the conference.

Mesh: biarlah dorang happy
Mesh: hehehe
Mesh: nda bah
Mesh: sa tarik balik
Mesh: bagi ja la berapa2 yg kita mampu
Mesh: ikut kemampuan baitu
nel nel: pun bg seadanya
garfield cute: buruk siuk mesh
Mesh: siuk mesh buruk
tompok susan: uGie: pok
uGie: sa ingin menyumbang
tompok-susan: hi ugie
tompok-susan: menyumbang dana seri mengasih kah???
uGie: eya
uGie: sa tebaca blog kamurang ni
tompok-susan: bah buli
tompok-susan: ko bank in di acc sy...uGie: ko bagi ja a/c ko
uGie: nanti ko tgk d a/c
tompok-susan: bah jap ah mandak
uGie: bank apa
tompok-susan: maybank
uGie: ko ada maybank ka
uGie: bagus
tompok-susan: 160148850921
tompok-susan: suzanne savia osmund
tompok-susan: kalo sdh bank in kastau kio mandak
uGie: suda transfer
uGie: bila kamu mo pigi sana?? klu sa d kk mo gak sa join..
tompok-susan: dapat sdh mandak uGie:
uGie: ikhlas dari sa
tompok-susan: thank u so much mandak..n god bless u .
Mesh: hahaha
ivenz: aik pingasan suda
garfield cute: ehh silap siku bah
DaNieL LeNNox: TOMPOK ko juga .... AMINNNN HALELLUYAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aduiiiiiii talampau panjang..pengsan jap la..hehehe...Pasal mau pi menderma di Sri Mengasih sempena Hari Raya yang Mulia ini...God Bless the O2C Members..


As I have told you, we didn't take many pics this time..a bit dissapointed actually because we don't have any pics taken at night during our 'oleng2 time'..I don't think its wise to bring around your DSLR camera at night while going bar hopping...right? susah mau menari tu..haha..

and we didn't go to attraction, the pics that you will be seeing were taken either from the taxi, or inside the mall..huhu...

So these are the pics that we managed to take..There are some more with Arteo, and some in my hp and Junior's..i'll put them up next time kio...


Our trip to Manila


I was back from Manila yesterday...booohoooo, the week went by so fast and now, I've load of works in front of me..Darn it..Good for me though, that I have finished as much work as possible before I went for my 5 days holiday..and this morning, I managed to clear up some papers, I've done marking the exam papers, and now..I'm quite free..Well, basically I'm free now...

Something about my recent trip to Manila..Well, it wasn't my first time, been there at least twice a year since 2007 or was it 2006?...emm..never mind..despite my regular visit to Manila (consider regular la tu) I still have different impression on that country on each visit..and the experience are just different from the first time, second, third and my last visit..that's why I could never get tired of visiting Manila..Our next trip there would probably be next year with the O2C group perhaps...hehehehe..(Start saving now...)

It was good to be in Manila once again..where the people are very friendly, and very open even in the face of poverty..I realized there is such a gap between the rich and poor..and still everyone is treated quite fairly..The endless smiles and warm greetings of the people as if they were never tired of being too hospitable..From the old women/men selling balut by the road side to those who work at the highest end of shops at the malls, they are all super friendly...and ow yes, there are more beautiful and good looking people there too compare to our people in Sabah..hehehe...Masmaganda sila and mga gwapo talaga...but hey, we are not that ugly too, ok...Speaking in vanity..our look are quite similar to most Pinoys..Mga gwapo din..hahahaha....

We took the bus from Clark to Manila this was actually much cheaper than taking the taxi..(Taxi = RM200/250 by Bus = RM21 per person)...the bus took us to Mandaluyong we stepped down from the bus, Junior saw Ernie..the taxi driver who drove us to Taygaytay on our last visit..It was such a we have already known him, we took his taxi to Makati where we stayed at Robelle House, along Valdez street in Makati Avenue..A cozy and affordable accommodation..

If I were to write every single detail of our recent trip to Manila, you would probably puke all the way through the last pull stop..So, let me just summerize it kio...I'll try my best...

We didn't go to any tourist attraction place this time, as Junior and I have visited most of them..and Arteo was not eager to go, we did alot of shoppings during the day and get crazy every night...Yeah, I told you about the beer promotion they have..(most of the premises)'s P100 for four bottles..that was like rm7 only...Beers after beers were consumed until past wee hours...and amazingly I wasn't that drunk to compare to that amount if they were consumed here...Does that mean, I'm a good drinker now? or I'm an alcoholic..? huhu...I wanna get drunk..hahaha...and ow yes, I was drunk on the first night in Manila..How I wish Malate (the place where all the pubs and disco places are) is here in Sabah...hehehe...

The streets in Manila are always busy...Manila, if it wanted, could issue a single traffic report on a single day for all roads for the entire year. And this report would only require three words - very very busy. Plain and simple..Coming from a more-or-less well-organized traffic system in KK, Manila traffic just doesn't make sense... Well, that's to say that it is completely understandable why there are the painful bottlenecks that exist..but...emm...crazy, yep..that could be added on the report too...Trafficlights mean quite little in Manila.. Mostly, there are traffic police waving their arms here and there trying to make sense of it all by dancing...yeah, dancing traffic policemen are everywhere in most congested parts of Manila...something our policemen here are so shy to do..I think, in Manila, everyone has high pride on their jobs..including the policemen....

I remember last time, for some reasons, I don't like to go to the Philippines..One of the reasons was, beacause of safety reason..terrorism and poverty will come in my mind, and it wasn't exactly the country where my passport needed a stamp from..but all the mental pictures were shattered during my first visit there...and since then, I'm loving it...our recent trip was fun, coz we have done something that we have never done before...hehehe...a visit to the Sanctuario was fun..and we went to see few shows..woohooo...I can't tell you more on this..hehehe..You got to find out yourself..hehe...Yeah, we were naughty, but not to the extend of sleeping with strangers..hahaha...Alright..shake it off...

alright..I guess thats all...I'm still in the mood of holiday since we don't have any class yet..emm..I shouldn't be working right now...Pictures will be up next..this time we didn't take many pics..I was quite surprise that we didn't..anyway, there are some pics worth sharing..I'll put them up later...

Till then..babaiii...


woohoo...Greetings from Manila..mabuhay..hehehe

Been walking all day today, and now, we're having lunch at starbucks..ughhh...What is there to eat here..hahaha..Thanks to technology once again..for making it possible for me to go online everywhere...eventhough here,I have to pay p100 / rm7 to get the user name and password..Nevermind la...

Last night was crazy..Imagine rm7 for four bottles of Red Horse..we got drunk shortly before 12am...haha..and it continued until 3.30 am..The club where we went last night was super happening..was almost tempted to go on stage and strip..haha..Nothing is like that...Hehe..kidding lang ako aa...

We did some shopping this morning..and will continue shopping till I drop this afternoon..window shopping jelah yg mampu..and ow yess, the prices of goods here are relatively much cheaper than our in KK...

Need to get a real proper lunch..these coffees are making me upset..coz I'm still hungry...

Will be posting again soon,whenever it is possible...

I'm still singing the song 'warwick avenue'..It has stuck in my head..well..It's a good song anyway, so let me just continue singing..Hehe..Yup, I know..I said, I'll be back blogging again next week, but hey..I have nothing to do, and this is the only one thing that I enjoy doing..apart from hanging out with friends, playing with my dogs..ow yes, Rex is now at his trainer's place..He looked really sad when we left just now..I'm actually a bit worried about him..He will definitely feel lonely without Sisqo growling at him, or Yuki sleeping next to him..and it's raining now..He must be cold inside that small cage...and he is not used to being's only for two months boy...I'll visit you everyday...(I can still remember the sadness in his eyes, with his little whine as if he was saying..bring me home, I dont wanna stay here..)..Ok..I'm being too dramatic..I know, he is in good hand..

I have nothing much to say, I'm just trying to kill time by surfing the net.. Was supposed to go out to meet some friends tonight but it's raining...and the idea of driving when its raining and getting wet don't really excite me at I guess I would stay home and continue on surfing the net till I get sleepy..I'll do my packing tomorrow...yeah...Can't wait to be in Manila to be intoxicated and get real crazy..haha...So, Manila...Bring it On..haha...

Rexton James

We're going to send Rex to a boarding school today, he's going for a 2 months training...Obedient class..Luckily the trainer's house is not too far from home, and I can actually go and visit him everyday..I want to negotiate with the trainer if he is allowed to go home everyday..Coz, I'm not use to not having him around...I'm willing to send him to class and fetch him home long as he can stay at home..Huhu...
Anyway, I hope by the end of the 2 months period Rex will be as clever as his parents...actually he already is clever..but, would be cleverer..Buli la sa suruh dia cuci kain and masak nasi nanti....Hahaha...

He has permanent smile on his face..makes him really adorable..

I'm gonna miss him (if I can't bring him home la...) I hope he will be treated nicely..the way I treat him..He needs to eat at least twice a day..his ears cleaned, his fur combed, and he has water to drink all the time...I don't think anyone can take care of my dogs as good as I am...but, I need to trust this one...Finger crossed...


Magandang umaga sa inyong lahat..Kumusta ka na? buhay pa kayo? hehe...I'm happy today for the great weekends, and for sleeping early last night and woke up fresh...As fresh as the flowers bloom in morning...and of course, I'm happy because in 2 more days time I would be away for a few days holidays..Yeah, I could hardly wait...

I have this song playing in my head, it has been spining repeatedly since yesterday..And that song is gonna be my theme song for the whole week..A song that I've just learned about over the weekends..It's a song from Duffy..well, it was great, I played the guitar and they sang it together..This is actually a sad song, I think I like it because of its melody...check out the song...YOUTUBE


When I get to Warwick Avenue...
Meet me by the entrance of the tube.
We can talk things over, a little time...
Promise me you won't step outta line.

When I get to Warwick Avenue...
Please drop the past and be true.
Don't think we're okay, just because I'm here...
You hurt me bad, but I won't shed a tear.

I'm leaving you for the last time baby...
You think you're loving but you don't love me.
I've been confused outta’ my mind lately...
You think you're loving but I want to be free.
Baby you've hurt me.

When I get to Warwick Avenue...
We'll spend an hour, but no more than two.
Our only chance to speak, once more...
I showed you the answers, now here's the door.

When I get to Warwick Avenue...
I'll tell you baby, that we're through.

I'm leaving you for the last time baby...
You think you're loving but you don't love me.
I've been confused outta’ my mind lately...
You think you're loving but you don't love me.
I want to be free, baby you've hurt me.

All those days spent together, I wished for better,
But I didn't want the train to come.
Now it's departed,
I'm broken hearted, seems like we never started.
All the days spent together, when I wished for better,
And I didn't want the train to come

You think you're loving but you don't love me.
I want to be free, baby you've hurt me.
You don't love me,
I want to be free,
Baby you've hurt me.

Anyway, the recent weekends was really fun..I was in Tambunan with some friends (those crazy, loud but fun to the max)..The trip was great..I really enjoyed it..Drinking (the siopon and Jim Beam) as early as 3pm until 3am..(of course we did stop for dinner, and then it continued until 3am...)..If you have never been to Tambunan Village Resort Center, I would highly recommend you to go there..the accommodation is simple but nice..

We went to Mahua waterfall..It was not as what I imagine it will be, but nevertheless, it was still worth it...the water was ice cold..I can only stand for 10 minutes...hehe..

We had BBQ, played games (funny games), we sing, we hace dance class conducted by Jason..and modeling session...Haha..I can seriously laugh now when I recall how crazy everything was..the trip have been organized successfully..A big thanks to everyone for your guys are bunch of terrific people...Next would be Overnight at some island..kan Lumis..bah pa lagi, organize la..hahaha...

I would post the pics later, hopefully...If I can't make it then check on either one of these blogs...

* Junior
* Gidong
* Tompok
* Mamai
* Sumpit
* Lumis
* Bobby
* - Banyak sudah nama dia ni..hehe

Would be back blogging next week after I come back from the Philippines...

Yeah...Mabuhay Maynila..Hihintay mo aku...

If Only...

"If only" . . . ,
I say these words time and time again.
Wishing something in my life . . .
had not been as it had been.

"If only" . . . I could change things.
"If only" . . . that could be . . .
What many ways would life
have left a different view of me?
"If only" . . . I had takenthat road instead of this."
If only" . . . I had taken time to give that needed kiss.
It would only take a moment to caress that loving hand.
To say the words that mattered when today I know I can.
"If only" . . . I could change the past,
how different would it be?
Would I realize and understand?
Would I truly see?

"If only" . . . for a moment, you could step into the past..
"If only" for a moment . . .
for we know it cannot last.
How clearly you can see . . .
what life has brought your way..?
To have taken just one different path . . .
would've changed more than that day..

It would have made your journey through
the many days ahead,different in so many ways . . .
where might it all have lead?
Our thoughts are often filled with this tiny,
little phrase.
"If only . . ."
cannot make it so,or change what is today.
"If Only's" . . . steal hours from today. . . .
making it a blur.
When what really matters is now . . .
not thoughts of 'what we were'.

"If only" . . . I can hold that truth and take
it with me to today . . .
let go of all the pain and doubts,. . .
and then I'll kneel and pray.
"Thank you, Lord, . . .
for the many plans you laid.
The loving ways I did not see . . .
as you brought me through my yesterdays . . .
safely to today.

Please don't let the choices
that I make today...
turn into "If Only's . . .
somewhere along the way.
I hear your voice inside my heart . . .
with words that ring so true.
"If Only . . .you will take My hand . . .
I'll guide and comfort you."
but...I hope it's not only 'If only"..
I hope it's true....

Why is it so hard...?

In my previous post 'like only woman can'..there's part where it says..I'm not asking for forgiveness...Well, actually I do...I constantly praying so that I would somehow be forgiven..Most importantly by God for all the wrong doings I have committed...and of course to be forgiven by others for the mistakes I have caused and hurt them...

I was watching the Moment of Truth (thanks to Gur for alarming me..I've been waiting for this) just now..For those of you who have seen this reality show, you would crazy it is..? well basically, it's simple, all you have to do is to tell the's a yes or no answer only..Simple, right? but..who in the world could answer the most personal question in the world truthfully, and some's a secret that you have been keeping all your life..a secret that might end your marriage, or might cause family break ups?..and of course, the participants of this show are motivated by the money offered..I could seriously tell that my jaw was wide opened when I heard all the answers...Aight, I'll give you an example

Q : Have you ever had sex with anyone else other than your husband?
and the machine says ..... The answer is "TRUE"
Q : Do you have any secret that might end up your marriage?
A : Yes
and the machine says ..... The answer is "TRUE"
(Won't you be dying to know what the secret is?)

Okay, she will definitely get the money, but would it be okay with the would you feel if you are in this situation (you as the husband or vise versa)..The money would make them happy for a while but the hurt the feeling of being betrayed will be carried all through their marriage..Could such thing be ever forgiven and forget?

I wish I had seriously good answers to these questions.. All I really have is my own reasoning.. I don’t think it’s saying what happened was okay.. I’ve made mistakes in my past (as we all have) and I carry them with me.. I carry them because a) I haven’t forgiven myself fully, and b) I haven’t allowed myself to be forgiven entirely.. Why is this so hard? Partly,maybe it’s because I know decisions I’ve made hurt people. They hurt friends and family that I love deeply. They hurt me..And hurt is just not okay with me.

So how do I let things go when I don’t condone them? I leave them where they happened.. Apologies have been said, journals written, prayers prayed.. At some point, I need to let go of the hurt and anger my own actions have caused others and myself.. I cannot control if other people will or won't forgive me.. But I can control forgiving myself, and I have no choice but to be forgiven by God..It was written in the bible that..we are not forgiven only 7 times, but seventy times seven times...That's a lot. right..but that doesn't mean, we are allowed to do the same mistake over and over again and keep on asking to be forgiven....

I know the pain others have brought in my life and the pain I have caused times seems unbearable, but can I somehow move past it? I don't hold any grudge against anyone..But what if they don’t even realize the depths of what they’ve done? Usually, I write... I write as though I am writing them a letter, but I rarely send it or read it to them, actually I never did. Spit it all out, all the dirty truth about everything they’ve done, and everything you’ve done..Tell the truth.. No one else needs to see it. Cry about it if you may.. Pray about it... Lean on others. See the good, and with time, just let it go..forgive and being forgiven and forget...

I'm down on my bended knees.....why is it so forgive and to be forgiven (entirely)..

Like Only Woman Can

Song by Brian McFadden

I was driving on my way to meet some friends at Waterfront just now when suddenly Hits.Fm played this song..I have never heard of this song before, not even of the singer's name,hehehe..well, that's me..I can't remember names very well...but anyway, it has catched my attention...I turned up the volume until I cannot even hear the wind..The lyric the melody, the singing..everything about the song is soooo...Yeah..I wish I can sing like that..No..Just kidding...This kind of song makes me a bit sentimental and melodramatic..Well, I didn't do any dramatic scene of course but I drove really slow on the fast lane...Huhu...I got back to my senses to the sound of the car honking at my back...haha...

well, emm...listen to it kio its on the top of my playlist..

Here's the lyric

LIKE ONLY WOMAN CAN-click to see the video clip in youtube

I wasn’t perfect
I’ve done a lot of stupid things
I’m still no angel
I wasn’t looking for forgiveness
Wasn’t laid out by my pride
Shocked by her attention
And someone signed me up for love
I didn’t want it
And now I can’t live without it

She changed my life
She cleaned me up
She found my heart
Like only a woman can
She pulls me up
When she knows I’m sad
She knows her man
Like only a woman can

She’s kind of perfect
She’s kind of everything I’m not
Yeah, she’s an angel
And it’s amazing how she’s patient
Even more at times I’m not
She’s my conscience
And who decided I’d be hers
I wanna hate them
Cos now I can’t live without her

She changed my life
She cleaned me up
She found my heart
Like only a woman can
She pulls me up
When she knows I’m sad
She knows her man
Like only a woman can

Like only a woman can
And who decided I’d be hers
I wanna hate them
Cos now I can’t live without her

Oh, and she changed my life
She cleaned me up
She found my heart
Like only a woman can
She pulls me up
When she knows I’m sad
She knows her man
Like only a woman can

Like only a woman can
Like only a woman can
Like only a woman can

Faces of me

I'm posting these pics in the name of vanity...well, I'm bored and I have nothing better to do in life..yeah, for the time being..these pics are funny aren't they? hehe...Well, they look stupid and silly too..Heck..Just for fun maa...ehehe

this is how I would like in the 50s..Wow..I look exactly like my Dad when he was younger..

Cool, actually I kinda like this..If only I was born much earlier..This would be me in the 70s

and this is the extended version of me...

Hahaha...See, I don't need anyone to be there to make me laugh and blow my head off, I can always find my own entertainment..but of course la, this would be funnier in the present of my crazy friends...hehe

If you love to know how you would like in different eras, try this out


kunun2 p memancing...tau2...huh

we went fishing last saturday in Serusup..somewhere in Tuaran..Haven't done this for very long time..I think the last time I went was 6 years ago...anyway, fishing is one of my hobbies..It's just that, I don't think i could still be patience like I used to be when I was younger...haha..see some of the pics ya...

ni masih serious lagi memancing ni...semangat masih berkobar kobar
Ni mau bingung2 sudah sikit sbb bulum dapat ikan lagi mau 2 jam sudah...
nah..yang ni...tiwas...hahaha..But at least sa dapat satu ekor ikan kerapu aa..kici ja la..hehe

no Title...

the story of my recent Sipadan trip has expired..hehe..I mean, I get tired of it..It was fun, and I had the best three dives of my life in Sipadan..but I need to talk about something else..right?? hehe..Something which is more recent, or something more of my random thoughts..Well, if I have nothing else to talk about in the future, I will post some of the pics we took in Sipadan and Mabul... For more stories of our trip to sipadan check out these blogs...Junior's, Nel's,Kupi's, Tompok-Susan,Smallville....

Ow yess...Just for your information..There will be another trip to Mabul and Sipadan next year in February..I was informed by Josie@Kupi yesterday that she is going to organize another trip, and this time it's gonna be on the 28th of February 2009..Sounds like it's miles and miles away still, but...I'm in...If you guys are interested to go, submit your name(s) to her (Kupi) latest by December this year...Come la, the more the merrier..But, if you think you can't stand the heat of the sun or you can't live a day without your TV, cars, KFC, or Starbucks..then...think twice...maybe you're not fit for this...Hehehe..Kidding...

It's our college's final exam weeks now..starting today until Friday next week...and I am actually invigilating for an exam right now...I don't have to tell you how much I hate invigilating..coz, seriously I'm banging my head on the edge of the table right now...but, there's no history of lecturers die while invigilating, so I guess..I'll be fine as long as I keep my sanity...(I'm still thinking that I'm going crazy anyway...)

Well, anyway...I have one reason to be happy now..Next week I'm going to the Philippines Manila to be exact..With Junior and this time Arteo is coming with us...Yeah..With these group of people I know exactly how this trip is going to be this time...Wild and Free...emm, Free?? I know it's gonna be wild but not too certain about 'Free'...Hehehe...I have been to Manila few times, 2 times this year alone..and I'm still excited..I think I could never get bored going there..It's new experience everytime..and this time, we're going to experience what Manila has really got to offer us..Gonna try Mary Jane this time and get real crazy...Well, we live our lives on once, should be glad that we can enjoy it to the fullest...

For now, I'm just looking forward for the trip to TVRC eh TRVC, anyway, it is in Tambunan this weekends..Gonna spend a night there...and get drunk, maybe..We'll see about that...Now, I think my life is getting better with all these fun activities lined up all throughout until the end of this year...even..until February next year...I don't have to think of anything or anyone else since I have all that I need...and that's all I asked for...Life is a blessing..

I thank God for He has given me friends...and I thank God for those who hate me..(if any)..

Have a blessed day today....

Hot and Rocking in Mabul

CLICK to see the PICS

Collecting Joys and Follies...Part 2

I didn't sleep well last night..maybe I was too excited to dive in Bohey Dulang..Not maybe..I was actually very excited..I was the first one who woke up in the morning..Haha, sempat lagi berpoco poco sambil senaman ringan..1, 2,3,4 empat lagi...That was funny, I'm sure, the next door guests pun tebangun juga tu..well, dorang si Tompok juga teda masalah juga kalau dorang tebangun..

We checked out around 7...It was sad to leave Dragon Inn (hehe), or, it should be called 'drag em in'..coz since it pulls in and spits out the backpackers..anyway, smua kelaparan, so we went to uncle chang's but it was closed..only one restaurant was opened early morning..huhuhu...Kedai melayu, tapi makanan dia sedap..Niceee...

eee..ok la..turus sa cerita la masa mau pi Bohey sudah...Hehehe..Can't wait...we left the jetty around 9 am..Initially, those non divers in our group we supposed to go directly to Mabul, and divers pi Bohey Dulang, but...last2, smua pi Bohey Dulang...Wonderful..See, it has been such a blessing..Kalau nda, we would be separated and that won't be as exciting..

The weather was quite bad..It was drizzling...and of course la bah, I was a bit worried that the rain might cause poor visibility underwater..on the way to Bohey, we saw water spout/twister..? whatever you call it..amazing!!! I've never seen anything like that before..I tried to take pics can only see a straight line..Jauh bah tu..and my lense pun..Kit lense only..Huhuhu...Well, lucky us, Soo has his zoom lense..

Upon arriving Bohey Dulang, we were greeted by Micheal..the friendly dog and its other friend Angelina...(guess who gave them the name? Junior la...but, then..everyone called them Micheal and Angelina...hehehe)...Our divemaster Mr.Sandrix registered our names and then off we go for our first dive..Looking at the crystal clear water, I knew we're gonna have a great dive...

Junior and I did only 2 dives in Bohey..huhu..supposed to be 3 dives but I was really dizzy..I got really bad headache and Junior injured his toe...Damn!!! I can't recall what I saw in Bohey...seriously...Maybe I was concentrating too much on my headache and I didn't quite enjoy the dives in Bohey..but..It was beautiful there..Ow yeah..we saw spotted ray..and lots of fish, some of them were aliens to me...teruk ow, none of us has underwater camera...When the rest went for the last dive, I only snorkeled..that was when I saw turtles...I was excited, I saw two of them...Wow..

After the dives in Bohey, we went back to Semporna to return our gears and take our bags...stayed there for a while and off we go on the boat ride to Mabul..The boat ride took approximately 45 minutes, tapi langsung nda sedar coz, everyone was very excited..especially me...Well, I have been to Mabul before, but not on the island, coz last time we stayed at the oil rig...this time, we stayed at Uncle Chang's backpackers lodge...

Finally we reached Uncle Chang's diving lodge which is built on stilts we were greeted warmly by the staff and all the other guests as well..They were singing the Sipadan song..hey hey hey...(Tu ja sa la la la..Baracuda Point not so far away, hey hey...)..Looking at their smiles and happy faces..I felt sooooooo welcomed...of course we were..and I knew, the next couple of days would be filled with lots of fun...

Right after we checked in, put our bags inside our room...(ow, the room is nice and comfortable..perfect..It might not be even 3 stars, but..that's all we need..we were not there for the accommodation anyway...) we had our quick tour around the village..meeting the locals..The ever friendly locals who love the camera very much, and after we take a shot, they will ask to show how they look like on the camera screen..That was a great experience, they are by nature very photogenic...I could still hear ' more' in my ears..hehe...

Well that night..we had a great dinner..BBQ dinner to be exact..really nice food, and shortly after that the party started..first they played the Sipadan Welcome and Farewell Song...This time they have real set of drums..complete...aside the legendary home made drum they have...and the place was burning..I mean..Imagine yourself in Shen on Friday or Saturday night..yeah..Something like that..Everyone was having fun..we don't need the disco light..we don;t need no DJ..we danced, we sang along with the band, and we got really crazy...Junior and Tompok were the guests singers...Ow yesss baby...We Rocked Mabul...

We realized that some of the guests were from other nearby resorts, they came to Uncle Chang's to party with us...That was a blast..I've never imagine that this trip was gonna be soooooo happening...and ow yeah..Uncle Chang gave us 8 bottles of Rum...crazy man..and we have our Chivas and wine to finish..Oughhh...Imagine oleng2 we were...and Si tompok just don't want to let go of the mic...As time went by, everything seemed be less and less sensical..well, things don't have to make sense all the time bah.. like for instance...

Sabas say : Bagus ow kan Uncle Chang...
Tompok : Iya..sejuk tu kalau kita duduk sana..

see...hehehe....That was one of the greatest parties I've ever been...Rocking all night long..ow..until the wee hours..and the song ..Tanggal 31 bulan 8 51..emmm..Yeah 51 aa..hehehehe...Still linger in my head..We slept around 2am, when the band has stopped..and that was the best night sleep ever, I mean..I just closed my eyes and everything just shut down...the next morning we woke up to the sound of Kupi's cock a doodle doo..Very effective ow...hehe...

okay enjoy the pics ya...banyak ni gambar ni..Kalau rasa2 mcm mata mau juling sudah, buli sambung nanti2 lagi, kio...Sepatutnya kamu tengok gambar yg paling last duluan..Termixed up sudah ni..huhu..Anyway..tingu ja la...hehe

I really love this pic...

Cantik kan tu Mabul water village...but, it's tooooo exepensive

Backstreet boys and 2 chicks...hehe

I wonder how would it be without our cameras..

The photogenic local people...

In front of your hostels..baru ja sampai ni..
See, full set ow..bukan alang2 ow Uncle Chang bili...
They were playing the sipadan Song to welcome us...
tompok juga la..
I had terrible headache, after the second dive in Bohey turus...Zzzzzz
Mereka yg tertewas..Eh, ter'injured..hehe
Nice background..Pic taken by Soo...
Model of the day...

Wow..look at that, they still have their home made drum..

nah kan, termixed up bah..backstreet boys and 2 chicks again

can you see the water spout...? It was clearly visible to...
Rayner and micheal
soo yg ambil ni gambar...
oughhh....after our first dive in bohey, we stopped for an hour for lunch..and sa rasa tu makanan yang kena kasi sedia was the best in the world...Laparrrrrr....

Leaving for Bohey Dulang...

tu..water twister...

Sally and her husband...(lupa ow nama dia...)
Getting our gears...

Filling up the waiver form...

Hehehe...too many, right? I think we have almost 3000 pics all together...Thanks to technology for inventing External hard disc..Buli simpan gambar banyak2..hehehe
Next would be our oleng2 pics on the first night @ Uncle Chang....